Fantasy Warlord – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Fantasy Warlord is a new card battling game by Gamevil Inc. It’s already a top hit on the Android platform, and it’s making the slow yet steady climb up the iPhone charts as well. Your goal is to formulate an insanely powerful team of cards (seriously, your power level actually gets over 9,000 in this game, hah) and complete missions, fight bosses, battle other players and compete in the arena. Read on for some tips and tricks for Fantasy Warlord!

Missions can be fairly time consuming due to all of the cut scenes. To speed up missions by cutting off more than half the time, simply tap your way through the little mini cut scenes that pop up every time that you go on a mission. This alone will speed up the game immensely.

The best way to earn uncommon and rare guardians is by earning them for free from the missions – first you find them, and then you extract them. Load up your team with at least 10 uncommon or above cards before you start combining them, because in the battle mode, the common cards are almost completely useless. Once you have a surplus of these cards, then start combining cards.

Combine two cards, and they will transform into a completely different guardian with a higher rarity level. This, like the guardian extraction, has a good chance of failing, but when it succeeds, it’s the fastest way to power up your team for battles and for the arena.

To win battles, you’ll need to have more powerful cards than the person you’re fighting against. Scout them first to make sure that this is the case both in attack and defense, and then fight them. In the arena, to maximize your win potential, always go to the battle settings and randomly formulate your team, and you’ll automatically have your strongest characters placed in your team.

Ignore boss battles until you are in an alliance and you have enough allies (and strong enough allies) to know that you have a chance at winning. To get more alliance members, go to the battle screen and hit a player’s profile, then send them an alliance request. Max out your sent requests, then refresh and do it all over again until your alliance is loaded with power.

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