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Final Sky (Cross Summoner) – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Final Sky, also known as Cross Summoner in non English-speaking countries, is an anime-style action RPG published by Aeria and developed by Pokelabo. You get a large array of characters, each with their own set of attacks, and a combo system to rival Killer Instinct, which is good because there are plenty of tough bosses and enemies to kill, and people to rescue. Read on for some tips and tricks for Final Sky, alias Cross Summoner!

You can summon a ton of characters, but if a character becomes useless to you, there is no way to get rid of it aside from selling it. Sell it to get some extra coins, because coins are important, though. Coins are required if you want to level up your cards outside of battle, along with the free experience that you earn from each battle. If you run out of either coins or free exp you won’t be able to level your characters anymore until you earn more of the one you lost.

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Use your special attack and ace attack wisely. Don’t mash buttons all at once or you’ll lose the effectiveness of the attack and lose your combo. Use one special after the other to knock the opponent in the air and juggle them. Then, because the combo will break after the ace attack is over, finish them off with the ace attack. The more combos, the more blue orbs you earn and the higher damage percentile for each successive attack.

Summon as often as possible. Make your leader extremely grossly overpowered so that your friends are more likely to pick him or her, which earns you summoning points. Spend summon stones whenever you earn them for rare and powerful characters.

If you get the same character twice, that character will earn a Limit Break – the same thing will happen if you use the appropriate Limit Materia on the character, as well. Other materia will add stat increases to characters, although you have to use the right materia for a character’s star (rarity) rating.

Don’t just do the single player quests. Check out the daily dungeons for higher challenges and rarer, more special rewards. Check out the arena for the ability to play PvP against other players’ parties, move up in the ranks and earn league rewards.