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Glob Trotters: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Glob Trotters is a new endless jumping gaem for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal in this game is to run through the correctly-colored blocks by holding and letting go of the screen,, and do this until you get the highest score you can. You can collect coins and get new gifts, too. Read on for some tips and tricks for Glob Trotters!

Each time that you go through a jelly that’s the same color as you are, you get one point, but if you go through the wrong color jelly, then you lose the round. As you go deeper and deeper into a round and score more points in the round though, the jellies will switch colors more often and become more and more erratic, forcing you to have to use quicker reflexes to keep going.

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You get one coin for every one point that you score. In addition to that, you can watch free advertisement videos in exchange for coins. Click on the little creature logo that says “XXX to go!” And if you haven’t just watched a video, then a video icon will appear, offering you 50 coins in exchange for watching a video. Watch it and once it completes, you will earn your reward.

Plus, hit the gift button and you’ll get a free gift whenever it is ready for you to pick up. Once you have enough coins to do so, you can purchase a new character. Each of the characters perform the same way, but they add a bit of customization to the game, as well as an element of collection, too.

Your global rank will show up right next to your high score any time that you are in between levels. Keep going for a higher and higher score to see how it will affect your overall standing on the global list of players. Your character will move with the same speed all throughout the game so once you get the hang of surviving erratic color changes, you can theoretically go on forever in this game.

If you for some reason cannot wait to get 250 coins to get a new character or you just want to have all of them unlocked right away, then go to the character select screen and go through the ones that you don’t have unlocked yet. One of them can be unlocked via a Facebook like; all of the rest of them can be purchased for 99 cents apiece.