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Jelly Jump by Ketchapp – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide, Page 2

Another thing that you can do with that jelly that you collect is spend it on earning new jelly. If you spend a specific amount of jelly then you will earn a brand new piece of jelly to actually play the game with (different shape of jelly). All that you have to do is to scroll over to that question mark box on the main screen and you can see how much you will have to spend for your next jelly.

Saving up for a new jelly is a bit time consuming but it’s fairly easy to do. All that you have to do is keep going to at least 10-15 points to get at least one jelly, and play over and over and over again. Each jelly that you pick up is worth 10 jellies of actual currency, making it easy to save up your jellies.

If you are having trouble focusing on the jelly because the colors aren’t right, go to your phone settings and set the phone to grayscale. Or invert the colors to make new color combinations appear. There’s no guarantee for that to work, but if it does, then hey, that’s free points for doing something easy.

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You can try to slow down the game too if you want to make the game easier. To do this most effectively, turn on your maps app, and start getting directions from your current location to any other location. The GPS will slow down the hardware, including slowing down the game especially if you have a bit of a slower phone or tablet.

Every once in awhile a platform will launch you straight up in the air immediately after you land on it. Once a platform does this, be prepared to jump IMMEDIATELY once you land back on the platform again because the next one will be coming up really quickly. Rarely will a slow platform come up right after a rising platform.

The same thing is true for when you have a really slow platform to jump up. Usually, the next one to appear after that will be a very fast platform, so you are going to have to hit the button right away in order to make it when you jump. Occasionally, two really slow platforms in a row will appear, but usually they will be followed by one very fast platform.
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