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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Full Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the long-awaited release of the fabled “Harry Potter GO” that has been in the works for a long time for the iOS and Android. This also happens to be Niantic’s first all-new release since Pokemon GO, and it combines elements of exploration from that game with elements of RPGs and MMOs, and brings a polished game without the same kind of growing pains that Pokemon GO had.

You have many goals in this game. One is to use spells to knock off Foundables in order to collect artifacts and people that got taken from Hogwarts and send them back. You can go to inns and greenhouses, collect portkeys to go to various special locations, go to fortresses for raid battles against extra rare and tough Foundables, and brew potions using the various items that you collect throughout the game.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!


The first thing that you learn how to do in this game is to beat magical monsters known as Counfoundables with spells so that you can rescue an untold number of people and artifacts known as Foundables. Each monster has a spell shape that you cast in order to get rid of it with a spell. Follow the shape as closely as possible for the best chance at sending it away and collecting the Foundable.

First off, if you want to simply make it easier to knock out monsters, shut off the AR mode and play with the stock background. This makes it so that you don’t have to chase the Foundable around the camera screen, speeding things along. If you do want to play with the camera, though, do note that the location of it will freeze once you lock onto it, making it easier than catching Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

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Engage with a Foundable’s kidnapper and a bar will pop up showing you how difficult it will be to catch – the greener it is, the easier it will be, and the redder it is, the harder it will be. Then, draw the shape as exact as possible, as quickly as possible. The perfect combination of speed and accuracy will help you catch most Foundables.

With each one that you catch, you’ll gain experience points, which will help you get closer to leveling up. As you level up, you’ll unlock every aspect of the game, such as jobs, fortresses, and more, so that you can engage in every aspect.

Achievements, Assignments, and Quests

Achievements, Assignments, SOS assignments, and others will not only help you learn all about the game, but they’ll give you major rewards for completing them, such as potion ingredients, EXP, coins, and boxes. Daily assignments are quick and easy quests that reset once every 24 hours, so complete these first since there is a time crunch. The daily treasure is simply a free login bonus that you can collect once per day.

Special Assignments are events that come around once in awhile and are time limited, just like Pokemon GO events. These should also be first priority when they appear, since they not only are time-limited, but often provide the rarest rewards, and are often unlikely to come around again.

Achievements are quests that are not on a limited-time basis; you can complete them throughout the duration of the game. Typically, they take longer to complete than do the other assignments, but their rewards are greater; for example, you can earn more EXP, more coins, and rarer gifts for completing them.

SOS Missions are akin to the Field Research in Pokemon GO, in that you have three of them at a time that you can complete, and once you finish them, you can then hunt for another three of them. They advance the story along, as well with each set of three that you complete.

Potions and Brewing

Potion-brewing is one of the most in-depth and fun components of the game, but you need ingredients. Ingredients appear commonly on the map, so tap them when you see them. That’s the simplest way to get them, but there are plenty of other ways.

One is to collect chests from the Registry. Once you fill the chest bar in a specific section of the Registry, you can go there to collect a chest. You can also earn chests from the achievements, assignments, quests, and missions that you complete.

You can then go to the Potions area, pick a recipe that you have all of the ingredients for, and brew a potion. Potions take some time to brew, but you can line up four of them at a time, so that as one finishes brewing, the next one starts brewing.

You can simply wait for them to finish, or you can stir them yourself in order to improve the outcome. Hit the information menu at the Potions area to see various movements you can do, such as stirring in circles or zooming in and out, and more. Plus, you can come up with your own stirring motions and see what works.

Once you finish a potion it gets added to your vault. Potions have a number of uses. For example, Exstimulo potions improve your spells in Traces and Wizarding Challenges. Healing Potions restore your stamina after you take damage in Traces and Wizarding Challenges. Baruffio’s Brain Elixir multiplies experience earned from Traces, Challenges, or from Portkeys, for a limited amount of time.

In your Vault you can see and manage your potions. You can only hold 200 ingredients and 400 potions at a time, unless you purchase more space, so you’re going to have to delete potions and ingredients at some point if you have a surplus. Of course, brewing more potions is an easy way to clear out ingredients.


Professions are jobs that you can choose from at level 6 and beyond. Their main uses are in team battles such as the Fortress battle. Become a Magizoologist to become a healer and a high-defense fighter, or a tank. Become an Auror to do high damage at the expense of high defense. Become a Professor for overall balanced statistics.

This is the simplified version of the choices, but each profession also has its own set of spells that you can then use. Plus, there are some more obscure strengths; Magizoologists, for some reason, are extremely strong against elite foes, for example. Aurors have insanely strong critical hit potential on the first hit.


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