Skip to Content List of all skins and how to unlock them came out awhile ago and has shot to the top of the iOS and Android rankings with Flappy Bird-esque speed. When it was released by Voodoo, it had no skins that could be unlocked for customization purposes, but now, with the latest update, skins have been added to the game.

Some of them require you to spend coins, while others require you to complete various actions within the game. Still others have yet to be added, but will be added later as Voodoo updates

Without further ado, here is a list of all available skins and how to unlock them. Updates will always be posted here ASAP, so keep posted.

Boy and Girl skin: These ones are the original two skins that appeared when the game was first released. Ergo, these are unlocked right from the beginning.

Monkey: This skin is the cheapest out of all of the coin skins. Spend 200 coins to get the Monkey. Go to the coin store and watch a 200-coin ad video to afford this one right away.

Pig: Spend 300 coins to unlock the Pig.

Cat: Spend 500 coins to get the Cat.

Panther: Spend 800 coins to get the Panther.

Horse: Spend 1,500 coins for the Horse.

Panda: Spend 2,500 coins for the Panda. (Be sure to play the Desiigner song of the same name while you play with this skin, just for fun)

Leopard: This is the most expensive coin skin. Spend 5,000 coins to get this skin.

Bear: Play a total of two games overall to get the bear skin. This will obviously be one of the first that you unlock, considering how easy it is.

Cow: Get a total of 150 kills to get the Cow skin. It doesn’t matter how many games it takes you to get all of the kills, just as long as you get them eventually.

Lion: Play the game for 7 consecutive days. All you have to do is login; you don’t even have to finish out a whole game.

Polar Bear: Play the game for two days in a row. The same rule as above applies here.

Rabbit: Revive 10 times, meaning if you fall off before finishing a level, watch the ad video and then play again. That counts as a revive.

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Zebra: Finish in first place a total of 20 times cumulatively throughout the game.

Rat: Watch 3 ads. Simply tap the video button next to the rat and watch an ad, then repeat two more times to unlock.

Tiger: Jump off the slide a total of 150 times. It needs to be successful jumps in which you make it down to the next part of the slide.


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Go to the play store where you downloaded the app. Should be a place to contact the developer.


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