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Honkai Impact 3rd (Houkai 3rd) – List of Redemption Codes and How To Find More of Them

Honkai Impact 3rd, known as Houkai 3rd in some countries, it’s a mobile action RPG that has been popular for a while. This iOS and Android game involves you in the action far more than most mobile RPG‘s deal, as well as challenging you and giving you a more interactive experience.

With the multitude of quests and missions that this game contains, there are plenty of ways to earn rewards, but some of the best and rarest rewards that you can earn come from redemption Codes. Redemption Codes are given out by the developer as a promotional tool and as a way to reward loyal fans of the game.

Read on for a list of redemption codes, how to exchange them, and how to find more of them in Honkai Impact 3rd (Houkai 3rd)!

Exchanging these codes for prizes is very simple, and the screen that you have to go to in order to do it is very easy to find. First, though, at minimum, you have to complete the tutorial, so that you can click anywhere you want to instead of where the game tells you to.

After that, first, tap on your avatar. Then, on the tab bar on the right side of the pop-up, tap on the “Account“ tab.

Once you do that, at the bottom of the menu, a text box will show up, prompting you to enter your code. Put in your redemption code and then confirm it, and you can get your free prize.

The best places to start looking for redemption codes are the official social media channels for the game. There are two different sets of redemption codes depending on whether you play in North America and Europe, or in Southeast Asia, so be sure to check the appropriate social media channels for your account location.

These channels include Facebook and Twitter, but can also include any channels that the developer has established a presence on it, whether they be YouTube or Twitch, Instagram, or even TikTok. Check all of them, because some channels might have codes that other channels don’t have.

Be sure to check the official Subreddit for the game as well, or any unofficial ones that apply. Players will be able to post codes and ask for codes here. If you have any codes that you don’t see posted up, then be sure to post your own as well.

If you find a link to a Discord invite, then tap the invite and enter the chat. Use the search bar at the top of the app to hunt down codes from other players.

Some of the best and most underrated places to look are on streamer and content creators channels on YouTube and Twitch. Often times, streamers will have exclusive codes that they will be the first to share, because they will be given these codes by the developers in exchange for the free publicity.

Here is a list of working codes for Honkai Impact 3rd (Houkai 3rd):

For North America and Europe:







For Southeast Asia:








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