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Hoop Smash: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, Hacks, and Strategy Guide

Hoop Smash is a new level-based game for the iOS and Android platforms where you have to tap to smash your ball through the breakable parts of the hoop. Your goal is to make it from level to level, get the highest point total that you can, and survive for as long as possible, as well as to unlock new characters. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hoop Smash!

The more hoops that you smash through in a row, the more points you get due to point multipliers. Your points are equal to one point per hoop times the level count (four points on level four, for example), times the amount of hoops that you smash through at a time (a 4 hoop combo on level four will earn you 64 points).

Watch closely for multiple breakable areas to line up in a row, then smash through. Sometimes it takes a lot of watching and waiting for them to line up, but if you wait and are patient, you’ll be rewarded. It’s even possible to break more than ten hoops in a row and earn insane amounts of points at a time just for one single screen tap.

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There is no type of currency in the game, but there are a ton of skins that you can unlock. Each one can be unlocked by completing a specific sort of action, such as coming back a number of days in a row, or earning a specific number of points on a game before dying. Some can also be earned simply by watching a specific number of ad videos (higher for some than for others).

At the end of a round, you can watch a video to start back over from where you left off, instead of from the very beginning of the stage. You can do this as long as you have an internet connection. Half the time, a video plays anyways if you choose not to, and you get no reward for it, so might as well watch the restart video.

If you want to get rid of ads, tap the ad-free button to do so. Do that and you’ll get rid of them for a cost of $1.99. If you want to get rid of them for free, then instead turn the phone or tablet into airplane mode, but if you do this, you’ll also lose that ads that you do want to watch, so you’ll lose the ability to continue or to unlock new skins with videos.


Wednesday 13th of April 2022