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Ice Age Avalanche: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Ice Age Avalanche is a new match-three game for the iOS and Android platforms based off of the long-running CG movie franchise. Despite being part of one of the most heavily-done genres there is, this game puts quite a few new spins on the match-three style of play. Otherwise, it’s comfort food for the mobile puzzle game lover. Read on for some tips and tricks for Ice Age Avalanche!

Make as much use of the diagonal movements as you can. This is the biggest thing that separates this game from the other match-three games out there, and it opens up a whole lot more possibility for strategy and getting out of tough situations. Never forget about the diagonal movements, especially when yo hare in the middle of the toughest rounds.

You have five lives, and if you run out of lives, you have to wait half an hour before you get one of them back. If you want to get your lives back for free without having to spend any gold, connect to Facebook and add your friends, or add your friends via friend code. If you want to post your friend code somewhere, put it in the comment section of this article or in the App Store review areas.

Make as much use of the special pieces as possible. You earn a line-crushing piece when you make a mix of four in a row. Five in a row earns you a rainbow piece that allows you to knock out every color at once. Making an L or a T-shape with five total pieces earns you a bomb piece. All three of these are instrumental in earning you easier victories.

Even moreso is mixing these special pieces, and don’t forget about using diagonals here as well. Mix two rainbows to clear the whole board, two bombs for a big bomb and two lines to clear a line down and a line across. Clear 3×3 lines by mixing a line and a bomb piece, and mix any piece with a rainbow to turn every piece of the line’s or the bomb’s color into a line or a bomb.

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Save your gold for the hearts upgrade. Once you earn 60 gold coins you can add to your heart capacity by one, and once you do that, the change is permanent. Stones are the main currency of this game, and can be earned not only by completing achievements but by scoring the highest star score possible on each stage.