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Crazy Kings: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Crazy Kings is a new classic-style tower defense game for the iOS platform. This game should bring back memories of the classics for veteran browser gamers and mobile gamers – it’s the “comfort food” of that brand of gaming, so to speak. You are in a land where a batch of crazy, power hungry kinds are trying to take over the world, fighting each other, and fighting you, so your goal is to defeat all of them and return the world to normal. Read on for some tips and tricks for Crazy Kings!

Experiment with your placements of the various towers. Some of the placements are obvious – for example, using a splash damage tower to knock out hordes of small enemies, and a single-target, high-damage tower to beat bigger, tougher opponents. Use other, more advanced strategies too. For example, figure out what kind of towers have gradual damage, such as the poison arrows of the level 2 archer tower, and place those as early in the path as possible.

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Check the quests menu for a batch of missions that can earn you plenty of extra rewards. Usually the rewards will include things such as map pieces, which are put together to enable you to open a treasure chest. Get all of the necessary map pieces to open one of these chests, then the list of quests will reset itself.

Out of these chests, and as rewards for completion of new missions, you will earn new equipment for your avatar as well as new cards. Check the stats of the new equipment against your current equipment to make sure that it’s actually stronger (and check the auxiliary attributes too) before you change your avatar’s equipment. And be sure to combine your duplicate cards in order to strengthen whatever tower you have a duplicate of.

Be sure to log into Facebook in order to earn a rare tower card plus play with friends and help each other through difficult stages. If you have no friends on FB who play the game, look on the comments of this article or in fan groups for either Wooga or Crazy Kings for people who want to find other players, then friend them and you can help each other out.

If you need to get more stars, go back to stages that you have already beaten, but beaten with less than three stars, and play them again with all of your upgrades, new towers and new equipment, and it should be far easier to earn more stars. The more stars you get, the more card positions you can unlock as well as the more levels you unlock.