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Jetpack Jump: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Jetpack Jump is a new iOS and Android game by Kwalee, the casual game developer founded by Codemasters founder and CBE David Darling. Your goal in this game is to do the Olympic-style long jump, get a boost from a Jetpack, and land as far as you can away from the starting point.

You can earn money, upgrade your jumper, earn all kinds of new hats, and more on your way to recording the longest possible jumping distance. You can discover all kinds of new locations just by jumping for longer distances. If you jump high enough and far enough, you can even jump right up into the clouds.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Jetpack Jump!

Jumping Basics:

The key to making the longest distance possible is to get a perfect launch, perfect jumps, and timing the Jetpack just right. You can either get a “bad” jump, an “OK” jump, a “great” jump, or a “perfect” jump.

Obviously, the perfect jump is the one that you want to aim for, for all three of your jumps – the starting jump and the two rebound jumps.

The first thing that you have to do is tap right when your character runs over the red line. Do this properly and you’ll see “Perfect” flash across the screen. Time it wrong and you’ll see Great, Good, Bad, or some other phrase appear.

Often the game’s FPS (frames per second) will drop down from 60 (totally smooth) to 30 (a bit choppy), making a bit tougher to score that perfect jump.

If that happens, then close out other apps on your phone and the frame rate should speed back up. If it still happens, close out of Jetpack Jump and then open it back up again.

Next, you’ll need to earn the perfect again, except on the two rebound jumps. When you’re falling back to the ground, watch the two circles converge on each other when your character is about to land. When the circles are the same size, tap and you’ll get a “perfect” again if you did it right.

It tends to be easiest to score a perfect if the tap is timed just a millisecond BEFORE the two circles converge.

There is a higher margin of error that way, making it far, far easier to gget that perfect rating by going higher overall, and going a longer distance.

Finally, after the second bonus jump, you’ll get a chance to launch the jetpack. Just keep holding down on the screen to launch it right away so that you can get the highest possible elevation, therefore allowing you to bounce as high as possible when you land.

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The reason that blowing out the jetpack immediately is the way to go is that it allows you to go as high as possible.

The higher that you go, the farther you’ll bounce after you hit the ground. When you land back on the ground after that initial rebound, you’ll slide faster.

We have tested using the jetpack at every possible configuration. We’ve used it later on after the jump. We’ve used it at the beginning of the jump, then stopped, then used it again afterwards.

We’ve done everything in between that. Nothing works as well as using all of your jetpack fuel the first time, due to the upward momentum that exists after the third jump ends.


You have three different upgrades that you can purchase with all of the cash that you earn, each of which contributes to you earning more money, and as a result, going a longer distance.

The first is the jump, which, of course, allows you to jump farther. This affects the height and distance of all three of your jumps, not just the first jump.

And no matter whether you get a perfect jump or not, the distance of your jump will increase, but still, get the perfect jump to maximize height and distance.

The second is the jetpack, which allows you to fly farther once you activate it. This increases both the time that you can use the jetpack for before the boost meter runs out, and the distance that the jetpack gives you. With each upgrade, you’ll notice that the fuel runs out later (slightly later) than it did at your previous level.

The third is the offline income. This is the one most easily forgotten, but if you upgrade your offline earnings to a high level, then you can count on a whole bunch of cash being available when you come back to the game in the morning.

Oftentimes a video icon will pop up with a “FREE” notification next to an upgrade instead of the price. Tap it and let the advertisement video finish, then when it’s done, close out of it. You’ll be upgraded to the next level, without ever having had to pay for it.

This only appears if you have a good internet connection, though. If you don’t have an internet connection, nothing will show up. If you have a weak connection, you might have this offer show up, but you might not be able to load the video.

Fast Upgrades:

For the quickest possible upgrades, take the ad bonus whenever you can by watching an ad video after each run. They’ll allow you to double your income, and if you have an all-perfect run, typically you’ll have enough to afford two upgrades plus some change after the ad video is done, unless you are much further along in the game.

Especially watch an ad bonus when you earn a hat. Whenever you run into a hat, you earn 100 bonus coins for the run. So when you watch an ad video, you’ll double that 100 as well as the coins for the distance that you went.

Often, the offer will be to triple your income, rather than double it. When you have the offer to triple your income, take the offer right away, even if you didn’t make a record run.

The triple income bonus pops up at completely random times. There is no way to make it appear more or less often; it appears an observed average of once out of every 5-10 times that you finish a run.

Come back from a long time offline and take the ad video option too. The offline income is only worth doubling (or tripling) when you’ve been offline for a long period of time; a short period will earn you very little money, making it a worthless ad video.

As with the ad video income after a jump, the ad video income after being offline can sometimes be triple, rather than double. The triple seems to pop up slightly more often than it does after an active run, but not a whole lot more often – maybe once out of every four or five times.

Offline Income Cheat:

In this game, like in many other games of its type, you can cheat in order to get a ton of offline income all at once. You get it instantly, and there is no penalty for doing said cheat.

All you have to do is load up the game first. Then from there, go to the date and time settings in your phone or tablet, set the time (or even the date) ahead by however much you want, and then go back to Jetpack Jump and you’ll see an offline income pop up. It will be higher depending on how much further you set the time ahead in the game.

After you collect your offline income (and use the ad video to multiply it if you so desire), you can do one of two things. You can do the trick again by setting the time ahead again. Or you can go to the date and time settings again, set the date and time back to current, and then go back to Jetpack Jump. You’ll still keep all of the money that you earned with the cheat.

Before you mess with the time…

After you cheat the time!


Hats are the one upgrade that is entirely cosmetic. You don’t buy them, you earn them from going a specific distance. While no distance is ever specified, you’ll smash into a treasure chest every once in awhile. It’s somewhat random, but it happens at longer distances.

There are a total of 26 hits that you can unlock in Jetpack Jump. To unlock all 26 hats, just keep going for longer and longer distance, randomly hitting chests, and eventually, after a very long time, you’ll unlock all of them.

When you hit a chest, you’ll earn 100 extra coins in the run. If you double your income with an ad video, that 100 extra coins turns into 200 extra coins. This is worth it very early on in the game; later on in the game, that alone doesn’t make it worth it, but it will typically pop up after a long distance, at which point the ad video is worth it anyways.

If you’re lucky and you get the tripling bonus following a run, you’ll earn 300 coins by watching the video instead of just 100 coins. That makes it very, very worth it to take the video for triple when you earn a hat, since the hats show up after going a long distance and thus earning a lot of coins anyways.

In general, though, the best way to get a hat is to get within 3/4 of your farthest run or more. You can get it when you break a distance record, but you don’t have to break a distance record in order to get it. They can show up a little bit randomly, but they will never show up if you don’t get within a close enough distance of your best run.

Hats are purely cosmetic and don’t effect gameplay at all, so you can swap out hats whenever you want with no drop in performance. After you earn all of the hats in the game, wait until the developers add more hats; something that they are very likely to do in the future.

There is no list of hats; just tap on the hat icon in order to swap out your hats. You’ll scroll through them in order, so keep scrolling through them in order to find the one that you want to wear.

Distance Records:

Keep upgrading and keep setting new distance records. Half the fun of the game is in discovering entirely new areas. And the further you fly, the more cool stuff you’ll see below you.

The scenery doesn’t repeat either, so the further you go, the more new stuff you will see. You’ll be able to see mountains, the Arctic, airports, different cities, and all kinds of cool new stuff.

Once you go high enough, you’ll even be able to literally fly through the clouds. The minimum level that’s been observed to get you to the clouds is a level 43 jump and a level 43 jetpack. Of course, there are other combinations that can get you there, but that’s generally the easiest one, because keeping the upgrades even gives you the most bang for the buck.


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