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LGBT Flags Merge! – All Flags Guide: All 171 Answers, Solutions, Combinations, and Cheats

LGBT Flags Merge is a new casual game for the iOS and Android platforms where you merge two flags together to create and discover a new flag. You can discover and learn about the entire spectrum of gender identities and sexualities across the entire LGBTQIA+ spectrum, even including identities unique to specific cultures, such as Hindu or Native American culture.

The flags contained within this game cover the entire spectrum, ranging from gender identity, sexual preference, or romantic preference, as well as some combination of multiples of the above. It is possible to deduce your way to finding all of the flags, but some of them are very hard to figure out, especially with identities that you may not be aware of the existence of, especially the cultural ones.

Even if you are in the LGBTQIA+ space yourself, and even if you are not, the flags contained within this game can be very interesting and educational. Each new identity that you discover comes with its very own description to tell you what the meaning of the word is.

Read on for a list of every single flag and what to merge in order to find them in LGBT Flags Merge! Plus as a bonus, we will go over developer codes, how to get free hints, playing this game on a PC, and more!

Developer Codes, Free Hints, PC Download, and Other Tips and Cheats

There are a number of random things that players discover and wonder about in this game. What is a developer code, and how do you get to the developer code screen? How do you play the game on the PC? How do you get free hints without having to watch ads?

Developer codes are one of the strangest mysteries that players have discovered in this game. Chances are that if you play LGBT Flags Merge, then you have probably accidentally stumbled upon it at some point. There is an exact spot on the screen that can take you there on purpose.

To get to the developer code menu, first, click on the heart to go to the list of every single one of the flags that you have already found. Next, tap on the capital C in the word “Clear“ on The bottom left button.

If you press the button in the right area, a small pop-up window will appear, prompting you to enter a developer code. If you have a developer code, then you can enter it and see if the game will accept it.

The strange thing is, though, that if you enter an incorrect code, then the game will not tell you anything. The pop-up window will simply disappear, so you will have no idea if you entered a right code or a wrong code.

So what are the developer codes? As of right now, nobody has definitively discovered any of them, or what any of the codes are supposed to do. We are going to continuously check sources, though, so be sure to keep checking back with this article; we will build a list of developer codes as they are discovered, as well as what they do.

To play the game on a PC, the solution is simple. All that you have to do is download an Android emulator for your PC or Mac, whichever one you use, and then download an APK in order to install the game.

Another method is to download an iOS emulator; if you use a Mac, you can even use an iOS software development kit, which is provided by Apple itself, to play the game on your Mac. This is not available for PC, but several unofficial emulators are.

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Once you do that, download the game as if you were using an iPhone or iPad, and play it to your hearts content.

There is one known way to get free hints without having to watch advertisement. That method is simply to wait. You will get three free hints per day, which you can then use.

Three hints is the maximum amount of hints that you can carry at a time, so if you have three, then be sure to use them. Of course, there is a possibility that if you have the right developer code, you could give yourself free hints or more than three at a time.

All 171 Flag Combinations and Solutions

Man + Man = Gay

Woman + Woman = Lesbian

Man + Woman = Bisexual

Man + Gay = Androsexual

Woman + Gay = Twink

Lesbian + Man = Butch

Lesbian + Woman = Fingender

Fingender + Woman = Fimaric

Bisexual + Bisexual = Multisexual

Multisexual + Multisexual = Non-binary

Noninsexual + Noninsexual = Ceterosexual

Femaric + Femaric = Gynesexual

Femaric + Gynesexual = Nofinsexual

Non-binary + non-binary = ningender

Gay + Mingender = Achillean

Achillean + Achillean = Nominsexual

Nominsexual + Nominsexual = Asexual

Asexual + Asexual = Xenogender

Xenogender + Xenogender = Aesthetigender

Aesthetigender + Aesthetigender = Genderfluff

Asexual + Non-binary = Anonbinary

Man + Achillean = Bear

Achillean + Nominsexual = Mascic

Mascic + Nominsexual = Polyamorous

Polyamorous + Achillean = Pangender

Achillean + Mingender = Bigender

Bigender + Pangender = Trigender

Asexual + Multisexual = Nonconforming

Nonconforming + Nonbinary = Uingender

Pangender + Mingender = omnisexual

Polyamorous + Bigender = Polysexual

Anonbinary + Asexual = Agender

Agender + Agender = Neutrois

Neutrois + Neutrois = Apagender

Neutrois + Agender = Greygender

Greygender + Greygender = Cassgender

Cassgender + Greygender = Apogender

Neutrois + Greygender = Libragender

Libragender + woman = Librafemme

Libragender + man = Libramasculine

Agender + Woman = Transfem

Agender + Man = Transmasc

Transfem + Transmasc = Demigender

Demigender + Demigender = Demifluid

Demigender + Multisexual = Transgender

Demigender + Man = Demiboy

Demigender + Woman = Demigirl

Demiboy + Demigirl = Paragender

Nonconforming + Demigender = Genderfluid

Genderfluid + Genderfluid = Genderflux

Genderfluid + Genderflux = Genderfae

Genderfae + Genderflux = Genderfaun

Genderfaun + Genderfae = Alexigender

Alexigender + Genderflux = Abrosexual

Genderfluid + Anonbinary = Aromantic

Aromantic + Demigender = Demiromantic

Demiromantic + Demiromantic = Lithromantic

Demiromantic + Asexual = Demisexual

Demisexual + Demisexual = Graysexual

Demisexual + Graysexual = Grayromantic

Grayromantic + Graysexual = Aroace

Aroace + Aroace = Orientedaroace

Genderfluid + Multisexual = Queer

Demisexual + Aroace = Pomosexual

Pomosexual + Pomosexual = Reciprosexual

Pomosexual + Asexual = Freysexual

Lithromantic + Demiromantic = cupioromantic

Non-binary + Genderfluid = Androgyne

Androgyne + Androgyne = Mogai

Androgyne + Mogai = Diamoric

Diamoric + Diamoric = Trixic

Trixic + Trixic = Toric

Trixic + Toric = Enbian

Androgyne + Non-binary = Intersex

Mogai + Diamoric = Mavierique

Mavierique + Diamoric = Twospirit

Twospirit + Twospirit = Hijra

Genderflux + Genderfaun = Genderflor

Cassgender + Neutrois = Agingender

Xenogender + Aesthetigender = Noungender

Aesthetigender + Noungender = Neurogender

Neurogender + Xenogender = Pocketgender

Agender + Genderfluid = Questioning

Questioning + Questioning = Quoisexual

Quoisexual + Questioning = Quoiromantic

Questioning + Man = Heterosexual

Anonbinary + Questioning = Microlabel

Microlabel + Microlabel = Aegoromantic

Reciprosexual + Aroace = Aceflux

Aceflux + Demisexual = Acespike

Freysexual + Pomosexual = Fictosexual

Freysexual + Reciprosexual = Inactsexual

Aromantic + Cupioromantic = Aroallo

Aroallo + Aroallo = Arospike

Arospike + Cupioromantic = Frayromantic

Non-binary + Xenogender = Galactian

Galactian + Galactian = Neptunic

Neptunic + Galactian = Saturnic

Saturnic + Galactian = Terraric

Saturnic + Saturnic = Uranic

Uranic + Uranic = Venusic

Uranic + Venusic = Solaric

Solaric + Solaric = Solarian

Solaric + Solarian = Helian

Solarian + Helian = Stellarian

Stellarian + Solarian = Novarian

Uranic + Galactian = Aurorian

Aurorian + Galactian = Lunarian

Lunarian + Solarian = Eclipsian

Stellarian + Lunarian = Nebularian

Lunarian + Novarian = Selenian

Galactian + Selenian = Artemian

Novarian + Nebularian = Penumbrian

Penumbrian + Stellarian = Phoenixian

Venusic + Man = Marsic

Lunarian + Lunarian = Lunaric

Lunaric + Lunarian = Phoebian

Aurorian + Phoebian = Singularian

Singularian + Helian = Spacialian

Singularian + Spacialian = Universian

Spacialian + Solarian = Annulian

Annulian + Eclipsan = Galaxian

Spacialian + Lunarian = Meteorian

Spacialian + Stellarian = Siderealian

Demigender + Penumbrian = Duenixian

Demigender + Meteorian = Umbrian

Demigender + Spacialian = Atmosian

Demigender + Galaxian = Constellian

Demigender + Stellarian = Celestian

Demigender + Annulian = Daenixian

Demigender + Solarian = Dawnian

Demigender + Lunarian = Duskian

Demigender + Novarian = Solstian

Demigender + Nebularian = Equinoxian

Demigender + Phoenixian = Hafian

Heterosexual + Heterosexual = heteroromantic

Bisexual + Demiromantic = Homoromantic

Bigender + Bigender = Biromantic

Polysexual + Polysexual = Polyromantic

Homoromantic + Bisexual = Homoromantic Bisexual

heteroromantic + bisexual = heteroromantic bisexual

Asexual + heteroromantic = asexual heteroromantic

Asexual + homoromantic = asexual homoromantic

Heterosexual + biromantic = heterosexual biromantic

Pangender + Pangender = panromantic

Gay + heteroromantic = homosexual heteroromantic

Lesbian + Biromantic = Biromantic Homosexual

heterosexual + homoromantic = heterosexual homoromantic

Biromantic + asexual = Biromantic asexual

Bisexual + Panromantic = Bisexual panromantic

Omnisexual + Omnisexual = Omniromantic

Pansexual + Multisexual = Multiromantic

Graysexual + diamoric = monoromantic

Multiromantic + Monoromantic = Aroaceflux

Aroace + Aroaceflux = Superflux

Superflux + Aroaceflux = Omniflux

Omniflux + Aroaceflux = Envyflux

Envyflux + Envyflux = Autoflux

Autoflux + Autoflux = Mutoflux

Multiromantic + Multiromantic = Duoroflux

Duoroflux + Mutoflux = Idemflux

Superflux + Idemflux = Asemflux

Asemflux + Aroaceflux = Fluidflux

This is a list of every single one of the flags so far, but we are constantly monitoring the App Store to see when the game gets updated with new flags, and when it does, we will search and find them!

Additionally, if we happen to have missed any of the flags contained within the game, then be sure to post the one that we’ve missed, along with the method of getting it, in the comment section.


Sunday 18th of June 2023

Btw, some are now outdated and wint work for me Please update some to match to the current game

Thanks (I mean no offense)


Sunday 18th of June 2023

@RandomGayPerson12345, wont* sorry


Wednesday 26th of April 2023

How do you make Aroflux and Aceflux?


Wednesday 7th of June 2023

@222, lithromantic + Aroallo


Sunday 25th of December 2022

I tried some of the combinations and they don’t work so I am unable to unlock all of them to read the info and get the names. Is this a glitch or are the combos wrong?


Thursday 15th of December 2022

Hello. I am the commenter pls help me through situations some of the combinations arent right. Like Aroallo + Aroallo = Arospike Is Wrong Aroflux + Aroflux= Arospike. Thank you!


Sunday 27th of November 2022

Where is straight flag???


Monday 2nd of January 2023

@Lucin, Unlabeled + man


Sunday 18th of December 2022

@Lucin, straight isn’t part of lgbtq..