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Insect Evolution – Tips, Cheats, Level Unlocks, and Strategy Guides

Insect Evolution is a new iOS and Android game where you start off as a small insect, and your goal is to eat same-level and lower-level insects so that you can gain experience points, grow, and evolve. You can evolve to 12 different levels, starting with a tiny level 1 insect, working your way up to a huge, level 12 monster.

You can also unlock various hard modes, complete with different backgrounds and character designs, and brand new challenges along the way.

Read on for a guide to Insect Evolution!

You normally start off at level 1, but at the beginning, you have the option of spinning the slots in order to start from a higher level. You have to watch an ad video for each spin of the slots; if you get three of the same form, you start in that form, and if you get three different ones, you still start at level 1. You can re-spin with another video.

Be sure to move around quickly and avoid all of the bugs that have a higher level than you. You can eat all of the bugs that have the same level or a lower level. The higher the level, the more experience that you get for eating them.

Once you make it all the way up to level 12, you won’t be able to get eaten, but you still have a goal to complete. Keep eating all of the bugs until you complete level 12 entirely. Do this, and you can unlock the Mechanical levels, which are one of the two hard modes in the game.

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The other hard mode is the Radiation mode, which has its own unique character designs and is medium in difficulty. All that you have to do is watch three ad videos; tap the level link to start one of the videos. Once the videos are complete, you can play in Radiation Mode.

You can collect numerous power-ups in Insect Evolution, as long as you are below Level 10. The shamrock triples the experience points that you gain from each bug that you eat, and the pill will upgrade you to level 12 temporarily. The bomb clears out all on-screen bugs at the same time, while the mushroom upgrades you to the next higher level instantly.

All of these power-ups require ad videos to be enabled except for the shamrock. If you want to avoid the ads, then avoid all of these power-ups except for the shamrock, but for the experience points that you can earn, it might be worth the videos.

If you want to get rid of all of the ads, then put your phone or tablet into airplane mode, or shut off both the cellular data and the wifi before you open up the game. Without any data connection, none of the random ads will be able to load. You also won’t be able to collect the mushroom or bomb, though, so while the game will go quicker, the difficulty will increase just a bit.

Stay toward the middle of the screen to easily avoid getting eaten. If you hang out at the sides of the screen, then you are at risk of getting eaten by a larger bug before you even see them show up, but if you stay around the middle of the screen, you will see them coming before they get you.


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