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Mavenfall – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Mavenfall is a new card-battling RPG for the iOS and Android, but this isn’t like the ones from a year or two back. Instead, it combines the side-scrolling RPG action of Heroes Charge with the card fighting of Hearthstone or Card King: Dragon Wars, making for a surprisingly innovative and complex game. Read on for some tips and tricks for Mavenfall!

Each character has their own set of cards that you can equip them with, up to ten cards per character. Each has one default card that can be equipped all ten times, or replaced with cards that you earn or purchase throughout the game. Generally, these cards will be better than the default cards, but don’t discount the default’s effectivenesss either. Many of them, such as the escalating damage cards used by Blade Dancer, can be extremely effective when used properly.

Every day that you login to the game, you will get a daily reward. Often this will consist of something like a new maven or cards for one of your existing mavens, so be sure to login and claim this reward as long as possible. This is also one of the few ways that you can earn free gems, the premium currency of the game.

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Battle dust is one of the two main currencies of the game, gold being the main one. Battle dust can buy you new action cards for your characters to use, though. You can sell existing cards to earn battle dust, so make sure to get rid of any of them that you are not using. If you buy cards that don’t belong to your existing mavens, then they’ll stay in your inventory, and once you have ten cards for the same maven, that maven then becomes available to use.

Hit the arena to battle against other players and improve your rank. The more that you win, the higher your rank will get, and the higher that your rank gets, the better the prizes will be when the tournament period ends. Start here after you have all of your five spaces filled for your party, though, so that you don’t waste any of your energy on losing battles. Hit the casual rounds to test yourself against opponents without any positive or negative hits to your rank.

Check the daily challenges for ways to earn free gems. Complete all of hem and you will earn another bonus too, such as a free skill card. Every 24 hours these challenges will reset, so after you finish the challenges, watch for them to reset so that you can complete the challenges again.