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Spellstone – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Spellstone is a new card-battling game for the iOS and Android platforms. It plays much like an extra cartoonish version of games like Hearthstone or Card King: Dragon Wars, but with slightly simpler gameplay. The deck-building is just as involved, though, with a nearly infinite amount of options that you can use to try to get an advantage against those who you battle against. Read on for some tips and tricks for Spellstone!

No matter who is in your deck, upgrade them as soon as you have the magic dust that allows you to do so. It will take five to upgrade them the first time, then fifteen to upgrade them the second time. Each upgrade will either increase the health or the attack power of that card. Upgrade all of your cards once before you start on the second tier.

Fusing cards is where things really get fun. You can fuse two or more identical cards who are at their max level. The more cards participate in the fusion, the more powerful the resulting card will end up. Plus, after the fusion is done, they will be back down to level 1, making it easy to cheaply upgrade them all over again.

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You have multiple rounds that you can play in a level before you can earn the gold as the reward for beating it. You can stop between rounds whenever you want so that you can do card upgrades. Also, you can go back to old rounds and beat them again if you are stuck on a current round, so that you can earn more gold to buy new card packs with, and other rewards, such as the magic dust.

Make sure to pay attention to the active quests. There are usually a few at a time, and if you complete a quest, go back and collect and you’ll earn gold, experience, gems, magic dust and other rewards. Each time that you beat one quest, a new quest pops up, or often multiple new quests pop up.

Different types of cards have different advantages, but one of the easiest to see will be armored cards, because it takes many hits to break through their armor before you can do actual damage to them. Counter them by using cards with strong attacks or with elemental attacks so that you can break armor first. Once the board is loaded with cards, then send out your cards with no waiting period at the beginning so that you can pepper the enemy player with attacks.