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Infinite Myths 2: Crush – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Infinite Myths 2: Crush is a new mobile card battling game for the iOS and Android platforms. This game mixes the quest-based, multifaceted overworlds of games such as Brave Frontier with the actual, active-battling gameplay of Hearthstone or Magic Duels in order to create a long-overdue gameplay experience. You can fight in the arena, complete quests through mythological worlds, and load up on all kinds of bonuses along the way. Read on for some tips and tricks for Infinite Myths 2: Crush!

You’ll earn a ton of rewards along the way and they can be hard to keep up with sometimes, but always remember to get new card packs using what you earn. You will earn timed free packs, both rare and common, and you will earn even more cards by spending your coins and gems on card packs. Even though it might seem like a lot of useless cards, sift through to find the best ones and then add them to your deck.

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You’ll earn lots of cards through battles and through the various rewards, too, so whenever you do, always be sure to edit your deck. Keep multiple decks around for strategic purposes I.E. keep decks with a specific elemental, or that are heavy on healers or tanks. Switch out decks as needed in order to get through the tougher battles.

When making your decks, the most important things to look at are attack and health. Shortly behind that, though, are the various abilities of your cards. Look for game-changers such as targeting multiple enemies, or a card with high health that draws all of the enemy attacks in toward it. Smart use of abilities can allow you to trump staistically superior opponents.

If you get bored with the single player quests, head to the arena or to the old quests, so that you can get the second and third star from undertaking challenges. These will provide far greater rewards typically than the first star did. The arena will give you rewards based on your tier in battle. Or head to all of the new buildings that you unlock on the map in order to earn new rewards and face tougher challenges.

If you want to get ideas as far as what to do with your decks, go to the strategy area and watch other players fight battles. This is good for getting new ideas on cards to put into your deck as well as what order to place them in, who to match up against whom, etc. Watch the strategy for tough battles that you have a hard time with, and you might piock up some new ideas.