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Magic Duels – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Strategy Guide

Magic Duels is a new card-battling game that continues from where MTG: Duels of the Planeswalkers left off. Magic Duels features loads of cards from all of the DotP games with promises of more to come, as it will be constantly updated. You can play multiple game modes, such as story, 1 on 1, or the Two Headed Giant team mode, while earning gold and getting new cards and card packs. Read on for some tips and tricks for Magic Duels!

The skill quests are, from the very beginning, a great way to learn the game. Complete the initial skill quest to open up more of the game. Skill quests will pop up later which will be optional. You don’t have to play them, but play them anyways for the extra gold and the added skills. If they pop up in the middle of another battle, then you’ll go back to the other battle after finishing the skill quest, and pick up where you left off.

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Work toward putting as few colors inside of your deck as possible. A one color deck is optimal; if you are forced to make a two-color deck, try to split the colors half and half. The reason for this is that lands can’t power spells of a different color, only of the same color. This means that you will be able to load up your hand far more quickly, overwhelming the other player and defending more effectively against their offenses.

Go for colors that have a lot of a particular trait that you like. For example, go for black cards for a lot of one-and-done cheap, high-damage attacks. Or go for any color that has a higher proportion of flying cards or reach cards. Even when you only have one color deck, pick up other colors just to see what is out there; build a different colored deck when you have enough of them, so that you have deck options.

Go into battle mode whenever you want, but be aware that it will be tough to get anywhere before you beat Gideon’s campaign. You can’t even buy new decks of cards until after you beat Gideon’s campaign, so even when you win at battles and earn gold, it will be nearly useless. Test your deck against tougher quests in the story mode before heading out to the battle mode. Learn everything you can before going out into the battle mode.

You can play the main stories when you are in offline mode, but if you shut the game off while you are offline, then you will lose any and all progress that you made. Even if you start in offline mode, try to find somewhere with data or with a wifi signal before you close out Magic Duels.