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Mighty DOOM – Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Mighty DOOM is a new rogue like a game for the iOS and Android platforms by Bethesda. This game brings back the classic heroes, such as Doomguy, and weapons such as the BFG 9000, and your goal is to quest through earth, hell, and all kinds of other worlds, fighting demons and getting rid of the infestations. You can collect coins, crystals, and all sorts of other goodies as you make it through harder and harder levels, fight enemies and bosses, collect equipment and weapons, upgrade your talents, and more.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for Mighty DOOM!

This game is one of the more difficult examples of its genre, because your main character has very little defense and if you’re not paying attention, you can end up losing quickly. Your main focus should always be on avoiding fire. even if you have to slow the level down a bit, always avoid fire, and don’t go too fast or you’ll end up getting knocked out sooner than you think.

Be sure to collect and upgrade new equipment by opening as many boxes as possible. Always equip the rarest equipment that you can find, and while you should constantly be upgrading your equipment, ideally your upgrades should also be saved for your rarest equipment, as that is the most difficult equipment to find a suitable and better replacement for.

After each level that you beat, you will have a choice of what upgrade to pick. Generally, your best upgrades are the ones that give you more shots to fire, because large swarms of enemies tend to be more difficult to defeat than bosses. With bosses, all you have to do is run around and avoid the shots while the automatically firing weapons take care of things, but with large crowds, you have to avoid being overwhelmed by the visuals so that you can avoid getting hit, while still trying to knock out many enemies.

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An excellent use of your coins is to go to the mastery’s screen and upgrade your talents. These talents will give you bonuses outside of your equipment and will last permanently, not going away when you change the type of equipment that you carry.

You will equip many different types of secondary weapons, so be sure not only to keep them upgraded, but to use them as often as possible in order to control crowds and make boss fights easier. Not only do they often do massive amounts of splash damage, but they often do very large amounts of damage per shot as a whole.

Open all of the crates that you can, including the common ones and the free ones that you get from watching advertisement videos, because even if you get basic equipment, you can fuse it together in order to turn it into rarer equipment. As you move a piece of equipment up the rarity tiers, its base stats will increase massively, eventually possibly becoming an irreplaceable part of your collection.

The fastest way to heal from damage is to take part in the glory kills, so if you knock off an enemy and you see a green circle around them, then do the glory kill in order to regain your health. If you end up being able to glory kill a mini boss, then your health increase will be significantly higher.