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Miranda Sings vs Haters – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Miranda Sings vs Haters is a new hidden object game for the iOS platform featuring the wildly popular YouTube satirical character, Miranda Sings. Your goal is to help her get one over on the “haterz” by finding a whole host of hidden items that she requests, half of which are intentionally misspelled in the way Miranda Sings would spell them. Read on for some tips and tricks for Miranda Sings vs Haters!

While items can be a bit difficult to find at first, what makes it easier is that they are drawn the exact same way in every single level. That means that items will look exactly the same in level 12 as they will in level 1, etc, and it will be the same collection of items in every level, so you will know what to look for.

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You can get a score of between 1 and 3 lips depending on how many wrong taps you do or how far you let the time run down before finishing the level (the faster the better, obviously). Remember the layout of items on the level, and if you want to go for the three lip challenge, go for it immediately so that you can have the level fresh in your mind. The items to find will be different every time, but they will all be in the same location every time that you play.

You can use hints any time that you need help finding an item (some items, like the trophy, look nothing like their description, so this will almost be mandatory for those items). After you run out of hints, go to the store and buy them using more coins. Get more coins by completing levels, or by going to the IAP store page, hitting the “free coins” button and watching her videos on YouTube.

Coins can also be spent on bonus levels, which contain slide puzzles. Finish these puzzles and you will also earn bonus coins (often more than you spent to purchase the level in the first place). These levels can often be finished even faster than the hidden object levels, making them a very swift way of earning more coins.

The expressions packs can be purchased in the main IAP store. If you purchase these, they come with other bonuses, such as more time, coins, or a ton of hints, or all of the above. They all require real-life money to purchase, though.