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MONOPOLY GO! – All Stickers, Golden Stickers, and Stars Guide

MONOPOLY GO! is a new mobile game for the iOS and Android platforms that combines the fun of the Monopoly board game with competition against other players, similar to Coin Master where you and other players can steal each other’s money and goodies. You can also earn various different prizes, including stickers, golden stickers, and stars. All three of these are some of the most coveted prizes in the game, while also being some of the most valuable.

In this game, you have a collection of sticker sets that you can earn, and when you complete a sticker sets, you get a massive amount of dice rolls and cash. Plus, it can be a bit of a status boost to collect all of the sticker packs. The rarest of the sticker sets contain golden stickers, as well. These are extremely rare, but we will show you how to get every single sticker, all golden stickers, and plenty of stars.

Read on for a guide to getting stickers, golden stickers, and stars, in MONOPOLY GO!

Sticker collection is mostly random in this game, making it far more difficult to find a specific sticker that you are looking for. However, though, you can certainly increase the number of stickers that you earn, making it more likely that you will find the ones that you are looking for eventually. Plus, this gives you more stickers for the chance to trade with other players and get the one that you’re truly looking for, but chances are, if you’re reading this article, you could also simply be looking for a starting point.

There are random rolls that will earn you stickers, but the best way to get free stickers is to rack up large amount of rolls and then turn on the multiplier as high as it will go, and roll to your hearts content. There are so many different random prizes and spaces that are new stickers, and putting your multiplier to the highest setting makes the prices increase significantly.

One very good way to get stickers is to complete an entire color set on the board. If you collect all of the different squares of one specific color and then upgrade the houses to hotels on all of them, then you will complete a color set, which not only will earn you a massive amount of stickers, but will earn you a large amount of cash as well.

Houses are added to specific squares on the board when you either purchase a new building in your city or upgrade a building that you already have. The houses and hotels carryover from one city to the other, so if you end up with a massive windfall of cash, such as using a multiplier and getting a large jackpot, you can easily complete color sets simply by upgrading quickly.

The community chest will often also have free stickers. This chest becomes available periodically on a timed basis, and the main benefit of opening the chest is getting cash, but sometimes stickers can also pop out, allowing you to come even closer to completing the collections. be sure to set the push notifications on your phone or tablet so that you have an immediate alert whenever the chest becomes available, so that you can reset the cool down timer immediately.

Minigames are another way to get free stickers. These often tend to come up for limited periods of time, such as the prize drop game which is very similar to Pachinko, so make sure to play them as often as you can before the timer runs out and the minigame goes away. Max out your rewards, and you will end up earning a large amount of stickers.

Another one of the best ways to get free stickers is to go to the market and, on the top image carousel, scroll over to the image of the free prize. You will be able to collect a free prize once every eight hours. This will contain cash and dice, but it will also contain a sticker pack that contains two stickers.

In the same market area are offers that allow you to make a purchase within the app. These offers are like a more valuable version of the free gift, where they are worth stickers, cash, and rolls. Each of these contains two sticker packs, and typically you can take up to six of these offers for two dollars apiece.

When you open the game, you will see numerous pop-ups with different deals and events going on. The vast majority of these contain stickers or ways to earn stickers, and some of the purchasing events contain a chain of prices; they usually go from free, to paid, to free, to paid, etc. These all contain stickers, so participate in this if you want to maximize the amount of stickers that you earn.

There is even a very specific deal that allows you to purchase a card pack with a guaranteed batch of stickers that you have not collected yet. This is the most expensive out of all of the card pack deals, but you’re not going to get any duplicate stickers out of this one.

Be sure to play the game often. You can complete the dailies, which are quests that earn you stickers and other prizes when you complete them. Plus, you can also complete the weeklies, which reset once a week, and when you complete them, you will earn even more sticker packs.

Be sure to turn your notifications on, because if you have your notifications turned on, then you can collect all of the free rewards that earn you stickers, such as the free areas of the limited edition shop tabs, the community chest, and all other reward areas.

If you get duplicate stickers, they will be changed into stars, which can then be taken to the vault in the album tab, and exchanged for more stickers. The more stars that a sticker is worth and the rarer that it is, the more stars that you will earn if it’s a duplicate.

As you earn duplicate stickers and collect the stars, they will continue to build up like a currency. There are multiple things that you can spend them on. You can spend them on different sticker packs, with different colors that signify not only how many stickers you earn, but the rarity of the stickers that will be contained inside.

Green sticker packs are the most common and the cheapest ones that you can purchase. Blue sticker packs are Inbetweeners, and they contain more stickers, as well as rarer stickers, compared to the green ones. Purple sticker packs are far more rare and expensive, and contain the highest quantity and quality of stickers within.

Arguably more valuable than stars, though, is joining the sticker trading group on Facebook, which is constantly advertised within the game itself. This group allows you to add friends, and whenever someone gets a duplicate sticker, they can send it to someone else. To use this group, the first thing that you have to do is buy in your account in the game to your Facebook account.

Next, use the same Facebook account that is bound to your game account, and join the group, then start adding friends in the friend tab within the game. The more friends that you have, the more opportunities that you will have to receive duplicate stickers; be sure to pay it forward, though, and send duplicate stickers to people as well.

If you want to keep this account separate from your real life friends, then a good way to do that is to start a secondary Facebook account and then connect it to the game. Next, once it’s connected to the game, join that sticker trading group and add as many people as possible. Then you will be able to trade stickers with as many people as you want to, but then open your regular Facebook feed and not have to see a single one of them.

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Sticker trading is an essential element to the game when it comes to earning more stickers and completing your collections. Golden stickers, however, cannot be traded; you have to hold onto them. Golden stickers are more rare than normal stickers, though, and their rarity is five stars, and as such, they show up far less frequently in sticker packs, so not being able to trade them should not be an issue.

If you are having a hard time finding the golden stickers, then your best bet is to use stars to purchase the blue and purple sticker packs, and to complete tasks that give you blue and purple sticker packs as a reward. These tasks will either be more difficult to complete or take longer to complete, and if you purchase them from the pack store in the vault, they will cost more stars. they are worth it for the higher likelihood of golden stickers, though.

For each different slot in the sticker album that you complete, you will earn a reward consisting of lots of cash and lots of dice rolls. The lower/more rare/more advanced that the sticker collection is, the larger the prize will be. Using the methods above, you should be able to collect every single sticker and golden sticker, and possibly even to do so without spending any money in real life.

When you go to the sticker album collection, you might also notice a timer consisting of days, hours, and minutes. There is an information button next to this timer; if you tap the button, it will tell you that this is how much time you have left in order to collect the stickers.

Does the sticker function go away after this timer runs out? Not at all; however, all of the stickers are swapped out when this timer resets, so all of your current stickers will go away, and a new pack of stickers will show up in their place.

This can be a good thing or a bad thing. This means that all of your progress will be lost after the timer runs out if you have incomplete sticker sets; however, if you are fast when it comes to completing your sticker sets, this will give you a much greater chance of earning more and more bonuses after time resets.

Once you complete an entire album full of stickers, you will receive an absolutely massive reward. This reward consists not only of tons of dice rolls and tons of cash, but also extremely rare items such as a new token. Once you complete the entire album, wait for the timer to reset and you will get a brand new sticker album to complete.