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MONOPOLY GO! – Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

MONOPOLY GO! is a wildly popular game for the iOS and Android platforms by Scopely that plays like a fusion of Monopoly and Coin Master. You can roll the dice to move down the Monopoly board, just like in the board game, and you can collect money, attack other players’ cities, stage bank heists, and purchase new properties across your board until you own the city. You can increase your net worth, and move on to a countless number of other cities as you go.

Not only that, but you can also participate in tournaments, live events within the game, and quite a bit more. You can build a large collection of stickers, with each pack of stickers earning you a massive reward once you complete it. You can add friends, and you and your friends can send stickers and other gifts back and forth.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for MONOPOLY GO!

The method of gameplay is fairly simple in this one. Simply tap the go button in order to roll the dice, and depending on the role, you can often come across familiar things such as chance cards, the community chest, or even having to pay income tax. Most of the rolls will end with you receiving money, though. When you do have to pay money, you will often get a shield out of it, which is something we’ll get into later.

The two most lucrative rolls are the shut down and the bank heist. The shut down allows you to attack someone else’s city by swinging a wrecking ball at one of their buildings. If they block your attack, you only make half the money that you otherwise would have, but if they don’t have any shields left, then you will make the full amount of money, which is a significant amount of income. Even with half the money, that money still adds up, and gradually makes you richer.

This means that other players can destroy your buildings if they roll a shut down and are matched to you. They will take your money this way, and they will break your buildings, and you will have to pay to fix each one of them that is destroyed, and that amount of money can add up over a period of time.

You can hold up to three shields at a time, and each shield allows you to protect yourself from an attack by another player in shutdown mode. Once you run out of shields, then you won’t be able to block their attacks anymore, but if that happens, then all you have to do is enter the game and roll the dice until you come across a space that gives you a free shield.

The bank heist is a card matching game where the goal is to match three identical cards. You get to flip over as many cards as you want until you make a match, meaning that you can flip over as many as eight different cards maximum.

There are three different heist sizes, and the larger the heist, the more money that you can steal from another player. The three sizes are the small heist, the large heist, and the jackpot, which is simply shown on the highest list by the amount you will earn if you unlock it. The small heist will earn you 1/3 of the jackpot, while the large heist will earn you 2/3.

There is one symbol that represents the large heist, one symbol that represents the medium heist, and one symbol that represents the small heist, and whichever symbol you find three of first, that’s how big the heist will be. No matter which one you get, though, you will make a significant amount of money, as even the small heist will make you more money than a successful shut down well.

Of course, this also means that players can steal your money with a bank heist, but if you want to minimize the amount of money that they can take from you, spend all your money before you turn off the game. Minimize the amount of money that you have, and you will be able to lose less of it.

Another excellent way to earn money is through the community chest, which gradually builds up overtime as you play the game, or as you let the game play itself. The more that the community chest builds up, the more money that you will collect when you collect it, and you will earn an extremely significant amount, and sometimes even some stickers as well.

The community chest opens after a specified amount of time, so be sure to set notifications so that you can open it as soon as it becomes available to you. The contents of the chest are higher depending on how many friends you have in the game, so add as many friends as possible, using every single possible means, in order to earn more money whenever you open a community chest.

Whenever you open a community chest, the marker will randomly pick one out of nine spots. If it picks the face of one of your friends, that spot will turn into a key. If it picks one of the keys, then the key will open the chest. The more of your friends get picked before a key gets picked, the more money you will earn.

Additionally, just like in the original Monopoly, one of the goals of the game is to complete a full color set. This means that you get all of a specific color, and upgrade the houses on that color to hotels. If you complete a full color set, you will earn a large cash bonus, plus earn a massive sticker bonus.

You can use the money that you collect in order to purchase and upgrade buildings. These will add houses to your board, which will boost your income. Your net worth will also increase every time you either purchase a new building or upgrade a building that’s already there. In addition, when you fully purchase and upgrade every building on the map, you will be able to move on to another city.

When you move on to a new city, all of your possible rolls will be more lucrative and will pay you more money, and you will also get significantly more money every time you roll a shut down or a bank heist. Even when you roll into a basic spot with no bonuses or you get blocked by another players shield, you will still earn significantly more money than you did in the previous city.

On the flip side, all of your building upgrades will also be more expensive; same with building fixes if players destroy your buildings in a shut down. You will also have to upgrade each building more times than you did in the previous city in order to max out the building. This means that it will generally take significantly longer to make it to the next city than it did to make it to the last new city.

You can click on the map in order to see what cities you have played through, where are you currently are, and what cities that you have coming up in the future. You will be able to scroll through and see every single city that is available in the game. As of the time of this writing, there are currently 119 cities available, with the last one being Celestia, which oddly might be a crossover with My Little Pony.

Be sure to check out the quick wins button in the bottom left corner of your screen. Quick wins are side quests, and you will have three of them at a time that the game will give you, and when you complete them, you will earn free rewards, such as cash and rolls, but you have to manually collect your prizes. Once you finish all three of them, then another set will appear.

Another perk of completing the quick win quests is that you will earn green checkmarks, which will fill up the weekly green checkmark bar. The more of these checkmarks that you earn by the end of the week, the better the prizes you get. These prizes usually consist of stickers, but some of them also contain free rolls, and you will get extremely rare 5-star stickers if you fill the bar up all the way by the end of the week.

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Just like with stickers, completing a shelf full of tokens will allow you to earn huge rewards also. Plus, tokens have their own special use, which is that when you select one, it becomes your new piece on the game board and bounces around whenever you roll the dice. You can change out your tokens anytime that you want to, but you have to unlock new tokens first.

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Your net worth increases as you continue to purchase buildings. As your net worth goes up, you will unlock more features, such as automatic rolling. This allows you to set the phone down and have the game roll for you, but the automatic rolling stops as soon as you have a bank heist or a shut down.

As you continue to increase your net worth, other different bonuses will continue to show up. For example, you can often end up making more money per roll than you did before after you get your net worth to a certain level. The big perks and upgrades typically come when you reach a net worth level that is a multiplier of five or 10.

Once you run out of rolls, you will have to wait for awhile until they go back up, but there are many ways to get free rules. Random prizes are one way, and the game will also give you free rolls if you give access to your contact list or to Facebook. The game will never automatically text or post for you, and you can disallow access later on in your phone or tablet settings.

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The game will give you five rolls per hour, so if you use up all of your rolls and then go to bed, you’re bound to wake up with a full collection of rolls. You can also build sticker collections; often, one of the prizes that you can earn from them are free rolls.

You can make your rolls last longer by ignoring the multipliers after you unlock them. If you use a multiplier, your prizes will double or triple, but you will also use two or three rolls at a time instead of one roll. The maximum multiplier that you can use will increase significantly as you gain net worth levels, reaching multiplier maximum of 20X, 50X, 100X, and more.

Another benefit of avoiding using the multipliers is that you have a far more likely chance of completing the color sets, which we went over earlier in this article. Color sets give you a huge cash and sticker bonus, and the bonus is the same no matter how big the multiplier is. In addition, it is far more common and easier to land on a specific color space and purchase a house there without a multiplier than it is with a multiplier.

Be sure to claim the free gift that comes available occasionally in the shop. The shop contains all sorts of micro transactions, but the free gift is available on a timed basis, and can contain a massive amount of monopoly money as well as dice rolls. claim it frequently so that the timer will reset as soon as possible and so that you can bank as many rewards as you can.

Not only that, but as you increase your net worth by buying new buildings and moving to new cities, you can actually increase the maximum number of rolls that you can hold out of time. While bonus rolls can easily exceed the maximum number that you have, standard time-refreshed rolls typically cannot go above the maximum amount, so increasing your maximum is huge.

There are some games where you can use the time lapse cheat in order to get more rolls, energy, lives, or other limiting item by setting the time ahead in the game, but that trick doesn’t necessarily work in this game, due to the game being synced to the server, which provides the centralized time. Even if there’s a way that you can get it to work, the developers will likely be able to track it, which could lead to a ban.

You will get a big fresh load of rolls for free whenever you move to a new city. You will also come across spaces randomly on the board that are worth free rolls, typically ten at a time. There are a ton of other ways to earn free rolls, and the odds that you win on a free roll space or get a free roll bonus are higher if you don’t use the multiplier when you roll.

Be sure to look for any special event games that pop up as well, because these are excellent ways to earn both monopoly money and rolls. Some of them require you to spend actual money, but many others will allow you to earn both of these things for free.

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Completing sticker packs is also an excellent way to earn free rolls; one of the best ways in the entire game, in fact. When you open a reward for completing a sticker pack, you will often end up with hundreds or even thousands of roles, as well as a massive amount of cash that you can use to upgrade your buildings.

For the special limited purchases that do involve spending money, many of them are worth more value per real life dollar than the standard micro transactions within the game. If you are intent on spending money on this game, then be sure to check what deals and offers are going on before you spend anything, so that you have the best chance at finding the best deal.

The most important thing about events, tournaments, and other special happenings, is that they are the single best way to earn more stickers. Stickers are fun little bonuses that you can win, and while one solitary sticker may not give you much of a tangible bonus, completing an entire collection of stickers will earn you a massive amount of cash, free rolls, or both. One of the sticker collections even gives you 2000 free rolls in one shot.

Be sure to take advantage of the feature that allows you to add friends. The idea may seem frivolous at first, but you and your friends can send rolls to each other. The more free rolls that you get, the more gameplay that you can squeeze out of the game.

One major perk of connecting this game to Facebook is that you and other players will be able to trade stickers. That means that if you have a surplus of stickers that you don’t need, and another player needs them, and this same player also has a sticker that you need, then you and that other player can trade with each other for a mutual benefit.

Do you want to change your Monopoly token? If so, then you will be able to unlock more tokens, and go to the “token“ tab in the menu of the game. Right now, there are not any additional tokens besides the ones that you began the game with, but in a future update, the developers are going to add more tokens so that you have a broader range of customization available to you.

There is also no current way to unlock new Monopoly tokens, so you are stuck only using one token. As soon as they get added to the game though, we will update this article and give information on how to earn new ones and which tokens you will be able to currently use.

Finally, be sure to collect every free bonus that is available to you. You will know when you have a free bonus available because there will be a little orange circle next to an icon on the main screen. This game doesn’t do spam notifications when it comes to free stuff, so if you see that little orange circle, you know that you have a reward to collect.