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Mr. Brain: IQ Evolution/Trick Puzzle Game – All Answers and Solutions for All Levels and Questions

Level 1: Who works only one day per year? Santa Claus – he works on Christmas!

Level 2: What color appears more than any of the other colors? White is the correct choice.

Level 3: How many books are on the table? The right answer is zero, because there are no books on the table.

Level 4: To follow the No Smoking rule, use your finger to rub out the burning end of the cigarette.

Level 5: What is the tallest of the objects listed? The sun is taller than everything else – tap on the sun.

Level 6: To make a no parking sign, grab the “NO PARKING” out of the question itself, and put it inside of the red circle to make the sign.

Level 7: To find the biggest fish, feed all of the other fish to the big orange fish to make it huge, then tap on the big orange fish.

Level 8: To find the pentagon, take the triangle and stick it on top of the square to make it into a five sided shape.

Level 9: To hide the puppy, take the puppy (which looks a bit like a kitten) and move it off the screen to hide it.

Level 10: To help Ming figure out the problem, a lobster is 3 and an elephant is 6, therefore an upside down elephant is 9. Lobster plus upside down elephant = 12.

Level 11: To find the wolf in the sheep, try to give the steak to each one of the sheep. Give it to the one who gets wide-eyed and salivates.

Level 12: If 1=10, 2=20, 3=30, 4=40, then 10=1, since 1=10.

Level 13: Look at the graph, how many curves are there? 0, since this is an optical illusion.

Level 14: Who do you think is the most handsome one? Tap on the word “you” in the question.

Level 15: To quickly click all of the blue balloons, move the red balloon out of the way to find a hidden blue balloon, then tap on all of the blue balloons.

Level 16: To help Grandma cross the street, put the street on the other side of grandma.

Level 17: How about this game? Tap Definitely Great, then tap whatever button you want on the next prompt.

Level 18: To help the guy whose breath stinks, wipe the guy’s teeth off until all of the stains are off.

Level 19: How many holes are in the socks? There are a total of four holes including the opening where the ankle comes out.

Level 20: To find something that you can eat, take the dog paw and put it on top of the bean bag chair to make something that looks like a steak.

Level 21: If a 0.01cm thick piece of paper is folded 5 times continuously, it’s still 0.01cm.

Level 22: To stop the stone from blocking the snail, drag the right side of the wood down to drop the stone off of the screen.

Level 23: To make the equation 7+1=1 true, drag the equation until the 7 is off the screen, making it 1=1.

Level 24: To don’t let your wife find out about the secret money, put your finger over the money for about five seconds until the checkmark appears.

Level 25: Where is Africa? It’s in the question – tap on the word “Africa” in the question.

Level 26: How many holes are there in the shorts? There are 7 total holes – two on each side and two leg holes plus one waist hole.

Level 27: To find the edible food, put the poop on the diamond to turn it into an ice cream cone.

Level 28: To tap the cards from small to large, tap 1, 5, 7, 9, and K. Don’t confuse the 9 for a 6 since it’s upside down.

Level 29: To drag the photo into the frame, drag the word “photo” into the frame.

Level 30: If you can only move one match, you can turn 508 into 909.

Level 31: 2sinxcosx divided by 2ncosx is six, or 6.

Level 32: If you can move two matches, you can turn 508 into 51,181.

Level 33: The TV links electrical current. You can still turn it off by hitting the green power button in the lower left corner of the TV.

Level 34: Which is my daughter? Wipe the lipstick off of the girl and then tap her to choose her.

Level 35: To open the safe, tap the key in the top left corner of the screen. The safe requires a key, not a password.

Level 36: To find the circle, tap on the period in the question, which is actually a small circle.

Level 37: It takes four minutes to boil one egg, so how long does it take to boil three eggs? Also four, because you can boil them together.

Level 38: To lift the elevator, lift the word “elevator” in the question.

Level 39: Dong’s hen laid an egg at Ming’s house, so who owns the egg? The hen does, so tap the “hen” in the question.

Level 40: How many keys are on the screen? Move the keys around to reveal three hidden ones. Also count the key in the top left corner and the word “key” in the question for a total of 9 keys.

Level 41: What is darker, area A or area B? They are the same – it’s an optical illusion.

Level 42: To tap the satellites in the pictures, move the earth out of the way to reveal a man-made satellite behind it.

Level 43: To have champagne and celebrate your intelligence, shake the phone to shake up the bottle of champagne and pop it.

Level 44: How many points do you rate the game? Flip the paper from the lower right corner and then tap “FULL MARK”.

Level 45: To turn off the stuck computer, move the computer out of the way to find a red button, then tap the red button to turn it off.

Level 46: How many coins are there now? Tap on the piggybank to break it. There are seven total coins once you break it.

Level 47: To help Miss Bat get to sleep, hide the sun with your finger, then turn the phone upside down, since bats sleep upside down.

Level 48: To step on the rat, tap your foot when the rat is under it.

Level 49: To keep the balance balanced, take everything off of both sides of the scale and the empty scale will balance itself out.

Level 50: Finish this math problem: 1+1+1+11+1+1+11+2+1+2 = 32

Level 51: Who’s crossdressing? Try to pull the hair off of all four of the girls. The one whose wig comes off is crossdressing.

Level 52: To click on the box to the right, scroll the screen to the left to find a box off of the screen to the right. Then tap that box.

Level 53: What resembles the puppy’s ear? The answer is the puppy’s ear, so tap on its ear.

Level 54: How many ants are there? Zoom in on the rock to see all of the ants on it. There are 17 total ants.

Level 55: To establish the equation W=V, rub out the left side of the W with your finger to turn it into a V and make V=V.

Level 56: to find the unique apple, move all of the apples around until you find one with a bite taken out of it. Then have that one.

Level 57: To figure out what number the car should be parked in, move the car out of the parking space. The number is 11.

Level 58: Which of the following is uneatable? Tap on the plate in one of the pictures; you can’t eat a plate

Level 59: if there are five candies and you take away three candies, how many do you have? The answer is three candies because you took them.

Level 60: to create an earthquake over magnitude five, shake your phone up and down over and over.

Level 61: which shape has the most edges? That would be the circle, so tap the circle.

Level 62: when I was five, my brother was twice my age, making him 10. I’m 10 now, so my brother would be 15.

Level 63: To drive away the naughty kid, move the man next to the kid and then tap to kick the kid away.

Level 64: To find all of the thief’s money, move the buttons around and you’ll see a $10 bill under the OK button. There is $25 total.

Level 65: What was the highest mountain in the world before Qomolangma was discovered? Also Qomolangma (another name for Everest) so tap Qomolangma in the question.

Level 66: To throw the ball into the basket, tap the base of the basketball hoop over and over until it breaks and the whole thing falls over, then tap the guy to shoot the basket.

Level 67: To turn on the light, put your fingers on each end if the broken wire. The human body conducts electricity.

Level 68: To choose which money to pick up, tap on both of the dollar bills at the same time with two fingers.

Level 69: To figure out which of the cups is coke, flip your phone over and shake it to make the coke bubble up.

Level 70: It’s dark, which of the objects is the brightest? The sun, even if it’s elsewhere, is always brightest.

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Level 71: To put everything into the box, put so off the objects into the box, then put the question into the box.

Level 72: What direction is the flashlight pointing? The correct answer is “all wrong” because it’s off.

Level 73: To find the unique gorilla, take the big tick and of it on top of one of the gorillas.

Level 74: To make something to eat, remove the smile from the sun and the house from the picture, then put the cloud under the house to turn it into a fried egg.

Level 75: Which one is the shortest? The crab is the shortest in real life, despite its size in the picture.

Level 76: To make a rectangle, drag the square partially off of the screen to turn it into a rectangle.

Level 77: To make ten out of three numbers, tap on 2, 2, 6. You can tap on the same number more than one time.

Level 78: How many candles are there? Move them sounds to find any hidden candles, then count. There are a total of 10 candles.

Level 79: To find the unique sheep, shake the phone and then tap on the sheep that falls over carsick.

Level 80: To tap the card N times, look at the number on the card upside down since the card is upside down. Tap 9 times and then click ok.

Level 81: How do you make the impossible become possible? Ignore the options and drag the “im” out of “impossible” to turn it into “possible”.

Level 82: Jack received the note in math class from the girl and he fell in love. Why? Rub out the top half of the equation to turn it into “Iloveyou”

Level 83: To hammer the nail all the way in, tap when the hammer is above it and hit the nail three times.

Level 84: To tap the items in ascending order, think alphabetical. Tap on Apple, Book, Cat.

Level 85: Tap N times on the card, or 10 times, but count the taps yourself. The counter is unreliable because it counts 8 twice.

Level 86: To fix the sink, connect the pipes together and to both ends. Make it look like this:

Level 87: which book is thinner? Swipe up on the lower right corners to figure it out. The world history book is thinner.

Level 88: Gump lives on the seventh floor but he can’t find his own home. Put the small gray house on top of the gray skyscraper to find his home.

Level 89: How to make the old lady young? Turn the phone upside down.

Level 90: To make all of the water levels the same, turn the phone over to dump all of the water out.

Level 91: To hide the dirty world from the girl, put the dollar bill over her eyes.

Level 92: To make Cupid fire an arrow at you, grab him and move him until the tip of his arrow is touching the word “you” in the question.

Level 93: The first dot from the right is 1, the second is 2, the third is 4, and the fourth from the right is 8. The last dot number is 9.

Level 94: To make 6+2=3 true, grab and spin the 3 and turn it into an 8 to make it into 6+2=8.

Level 95: where does sheepwool come from? It comes from sheep, so tap on the word sheep in the question.

Level 96: To find the pentagram, tap the lower right corner of the picture, right here:

Level 97: To turn on the TV, move everything off of the table, then move the table, then tap the remote that was under the table.

Level 98: To find the heart, put the two swans together beak to beak.

Level 99: Who is the King of animals at the zoo? The director, because the director runs the whole zoo.

Level 100: To solve 66+34, tap the 100 in the “Level 100” at the top of the screen.

Level 101: To find the triangle, drag the diamond shape halfway off of the screen to make it a triangle.

Level 102: To drive to the opposite stop in the earthquake, use two fingers to split the ground open to drop the boulder in. Then tap the car to drive it.

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Level 103: To make the volcano erupt, drag the sun into the mouth of the volcano.

Level 104: To make the sum of the three biggest numbers, look at the keypad. The largest numbers are 7, 8, and 9, so the sum is 24.

Level 105: Which cutie works the hardest? The Panda.

Level 106: If the rear wheel turns 10 rounds, how many does the front wheel turn? Zero, bikes are rear wheel drive.

Level 107: To find the panda, look for the one with two ears in the lower right corner of the picture:

Level 108: Where will the hour hand (which points to nine) point in three hours? Still nine; it’s just the picture of a clock.

Level 109: how many triangles in the pentagram? There are a total of 10.

Level 110: How many black spots in the picture? There are zero; it’s an optical illusion.

Level 111: To wipe both of their mouths, use two fingers to tear the piece of paper in half.

Level 112: To take a picture of her long legs, use your finger to pull down on her feet to stretch her out just a bit.

Level 113: To light up the network regularly, play sudoku, light them up like this:


or like this picture:

Level 114: To not let anyone know that you took the ace, flip the phone screen side down to hide the card.

Level 115: To put things in the right place, put the bottle in the outlined spot, the snail in the snail-shaped outline spot, and the bottle cap on top of the bottle-shaped outline spot, where the cap is.

Level 116: Which bottle is soda? Shake the phone and then tap on the bottle that explodes, as that’s the real soda bottle.

Level 117: To pop the balloon from right to left, flip your phone upside down and while it’s upside down, use the dart to pop the balloon.

Level 118: To count the hairs again, swipe right on the guy to turn him around and count the hair on the back of his head too. He has a total of 29 hairs on his head.

Level 119: To turn off the solar bulb, flip the screen of your phone down to hide the sunlight from the solar panel.

Level 120: 13 people play hide and seek, and 10 people are found. How many people are left? 2 – ten are found and one is the seeker. 13-11=2

Level 121: To help the snail win, press start and then use your finger to drag the snail across the finish line.

Level 122: To figure out the value of X, add all of the first three equations together and divide by 2. Two each snails, crabs, and cats is 22kg, so one each is 11kg.

Level 123: How do you let the beauty chase you back? Give her red purse to the guy using your finger and she will chase him.

Level 124: To find out the D, tap the letter “D” in the question – not on the graph.

Level 125: To help him to propose, move the gold ring on the bag to the diamond rang to change the color of the band from silver to gold.

Level 126: To find the photo of Jack and Gump, scroll to the right and tap on the plug of the printer to plug it in. Then hit the green button to turn on the printer and the picture will come out.

Level 127: To find the J, look toward the upper-right quadrant of the picture until you see it among the I’s and T’s.

Level 128: How many apples on the tree? Shake the phone to make some apples fall off so that you can see all of them. There are six total apples.

Level 129: To find the regularity and write the answer, think about the number of holes in each number. 8 has two holes, 0, 6, and 9 have one hole each. 6663 has three holes and 8888 has eight holes. Therefore, 6868 has a total of 6 holes.

Level 130: To find the owl in the woods, drag the sun off of the screen to make it night, and then when the owl appears, tap on the owl.

Level 131: To open the book, do the “zoom in” motion on it with two fingers.

Level 132: Which ping pong ball bounces higher? Move both of the paddles and tap the one that bounces higher off of the floor.

Level 133: To find the water in the bucket, flip your phone over and the water will spill out of one of the buckets.

Level 134: What can Hercules never lift? Himself, so tap on the muscular dude (Hercules).

Level 135: How do you turn two triangles into eight triangles? Place one triangle on top of the other triangle to turn them into eight triangles.

Level 136: The pretty one needs to change, so don’t let anyone see her. Flip your phone screen down to hide her from sight.

Level 137: To correct the direction, turn your phone to the right so that the left and right arrows are pointing in the directions that they say.

Level 138: To put the chick in the cage, move the cage until it’s on top of the chick in order to trap it.

Level 139: What is the value of the cash? Rotate the device to see the watermark on the cash. It’s worth $520.

Level 140: Gump is being smashed by the hill. Take the 000 out of the 1,000KG to make it 1KG and save him.

Level 141: To point the arrow to the road, rotate your phone so that the arrow point downward, where the real-life road is located.

Level 142: To win the tic-tac-toe game against Ming, tap on the top-left and top-right squares at the same time with two fingers to put circles into both of them.

Level 143: To help Tom open the door, tap on the key in the upper left corner of the screen. Don’t drag, just tap it.

Level 144: To find the chicken, shake the phone to break the egg that’s ready to hatch and make a chicken come out.

Level 145: How many differences are there between the two pictures? None except for the number in the upper right corner, so tap on the 1 in “No. 1”.

Level 146: There is no route through the maze, so to walk to the exit, walk all the way around the outside of the maze to the exit.

Level 147: To find the car, tap on the cap to enlarge it, then wipe it with your finger to make the red part go away.

Level 148: Which space will the car park in? Flip the phone upside down to see the number sequence. It will be number 67.

Level 149: How many quadrangles are below? Four, including the number box.

Level 150: Which lives the longest on earth? The answer is the earth itself, so tap “earth” in the question.

Level 151: To find the real bird, shake the phone to shake the tree, which will make the real bird fly away.

Level 152: To release the piece of paper, swipe up on the paper clip to drop the paper.

Level 153: If 5 hens lay 5 eggs in 5 days, then how many hens lay 100 eggs in 100 days? Same egg ratio, 1 per day, so the answer is also 5.

Level 154: To click on the food below, tap the pear and the crab at the same time with two fingers. The rocks are not edible.

Level 155: Today is my second birthday, so tap on the left and right candles at the same time with two fingers to light them up.

Level 156: To make 8+_=0 true, swipe the bottom half of the 8 over to the blank space to make 0+0=0.

Level 157: To find the unhappy bee, look on the left side of the picture for the bee with the open mouth.

Level 158: To help the lady lose the weight, give her the balloon, which has negative weight.

Level 159: Guess which pool will fill up first? The second one – there is a wall between the second and third one that also blocks the fourth one.

Level 160: To pick the fruit from small to large, tap on the cherry, the tomato/apple, then the watermelon. Carrots are not fruit.

Level 161: To help Ming calculate the price, apples are worth 10, one banana = 3, one grape = 1. So 9 grapes + 4 bananas = 9+12 = 21.

Level 162: How do you spell the number that’s larger than 3 and smaller than 4 by chopsticks? Move the top chopstick down until it’s touching the other two in order to make Pi, or π.

Level 163: What is the farthest from us? The gold leaf in the lower right hand corner, because it’s farthest from the word “us”.

Level 164: To make the equation true, take the bottom part of the 1 and drag it over to the “7” on the right side to turn it into 2 and make 1+0.3+0.7=2.

Level 165: To find the perimeter of the figure below, count each side twice plus the extra 3’s to account for the twists and turns. 12+12+9+9=42, plus two 3’s is 48.

Level 166: Which building is a shoddy project? Shake your phone up and down and tap on the building that breaks.

Level 167: Click red, blue, green, white, purple, and orange successively by clicking the colors and not the words.

Level 168: How many nines are there in all of the numbers from 1-100? The answer is 20.

Level 169: Is the pillar a cylinder or a prism? It’s both, so use two fingers to tap on the cylinder and prism buttons at the same time.

Level 170: To calculate 3+4=?, ignore the rest of the equations as there is no pattern. Just give it the right answer – 7.

Level 171: There are 10 candles and 3 are blown out. How many are left? 10 – the blown out ones are still there.

Level 172: Count the black dots again. There is one black dot – the period in the question, so the answer is 1.

Level 173: It’s boring to be alone. Long press the girl to make the “copy” button appear, then tap the button to make a second girl.

Level 174: Can you make it hotter in here? Shake your phone up and down to make the volcano erupt.

Level 175: To find the 0, tap the 0 in the question, since there are no zeroes in the picture.

Level 176: There are 5 people ahead and two people behind the snail. How many snails are there in line? Only one snail. The others in line are not snails.

Level 177: To solve the matchstick puzzle for 6+4=4, take the vertical match out of the plus and put it in the 6 to make 8-4=4.

Level 178: What’s the missing number? The numbers across from each other add up to 21, and across from the ? is 15, so the answer is 6.

Level 179: What’s the net weight of the chicken? Do the “zoom out” motion with two fingers on the chicken until all of its feathers fall off.

Level 180: To find the cat among the owls, look for the one in the lower left corner that has no beak.

Level 181: To lift the barbell, grab each side of it with one finger each and then lift it up.

Level 182: To make 6-5=31 true, use your finger and rub out the 3 to erase it and change the equation into 6-5=1.

Level 183: To click on the even numbers correctly, tap on 0, 24, and 86.0. The others are not odd, including infinity.

Level 184: If the gun is fired once per minute, how many times does it get fired in ten minutes? 11 times, because it’s fired right at the beginning of the countdown too.

Level 185: To find the biggest number, tap on the one with the biggest font, which is 10.

Level 186: To find the slowest snail, click on the one in the question, which is not moving at all.

Level 187: To find the biggest bubble, merge all of the bubbles together and then click the giant bubble.

Level 188: Who is smarter? Turn your phone upside down and look at the equations again. 8=6+2 is true, so tap on that one.

Level 189: To find the hidden stars, shake your phone up and down to make stars appear above their heads.

Level 190: What is between true and false? The word “and” in the question, so tap “and”.

Level 191: In question 189, how many stars were over the kids’ heads? Go back to the question and solve it again. There were 11 stars total.

Level 192: Which picture is higher? It’s an optical illusion, they’re actually the same.

Level 193: To defeat him, tap on the larger cannon over and over again until it explodes.

Level 194: To find the polar bear, look in the lower right corner of the picture for the polar bear.

Level 195: To drive the fierce wolf away, give it the steak and it will go away.

Level 196: To help the snail win, press start and then use two fingers to hold the ducks back to stop them from winning.

Level 197: To form the smallest number possible, swipe up on the first underscore to turn it into a minus symbol, then type 999 to make -999.

Level 198: To put a piggy bun on every plate, put the word “piggy bun” from every question onto the empty plate.

Level 199: Which rope can make a knot? The top left rope is the only one, so tap on that one.

Level 200: To find the hearts, put the top right and bottom left shapes together on the flat parts to make them into a heart.

Level 201: Who would you save, the wife or the mom? Save both at the same time by tapping them both with two fingers.

Level 202: To make him happy, turn the phone upside down to switch the side of the mouth, making him smile.

Level 203: To scare them off, grab the poop stick and wave it at them.

Level 204: Which direction does the finger point to? Tap “left” since that’s the button that the hand actually points to.

Level 205: How many differences between the two pictures? There are 12 differences – all eight legs, two pinchers, and two fork prongs.

Level 206: To take money from the piggy bank, shake the phone, then tap the piggy bank to break it. You have to do both these steps or the piggy bank won’t break.

Level 207: To clean the shoes, rub them with your finger until they get clean.

Level 208: how many fish are in the fish tank? Zero, there is no fish tank.

Level 209: Tom forgot to bring an umbrella, so to help him, use two fingers to split the clouds apart and stop the rain.

Level 210: To wake up the piggy, put your finger over his nose for about five seconds.

Level 211: To turn the pyramid upside down in three moves, move the bottom left and bottom right balls to the top left and top right corners, and move the top ball down to the bottom.

Level 212: Again, what if your mom and girlfriend fell at the same time? It’s only a dream, so shake the phone up and down to wake him up.

Level 213: To turn off the light for me, swipe left on the lightbulb until it falls out of the lamp.

Level 214: To add one line to make 5+5+5=550 true, swipe on the first plus sign to make it into 545+5=550.

Level 215: To find the fragile item, shake the phone and the fragile item will break.

Level 216: To defeat him, take the small cannon and swipe it up, putting it on top of the bigger cannon. The two will swap places and the smaller one will blow up.

Level 217: To help the pirate put on the hook, grab the question mark out of the question and put it in his missing hand.

Level 218: How many curves are there in this picture? Zero, because the picture is an optical illusion.

Level 219: To make the elevator go down, swipe down on the actual elevator itself in the picture, ignoring the buttons.

Level 220: A whole cat is 10, a cat head is 5, a paw is 1, and a cat showing you one paw is 9. Use PEMDAS. 1×9 is 9, then 9+5=14. So the total is 14.

Level 221: To make player 8 win, turn your phone upside down so that player 8 has a higher score than the other player.

Level 222: To crack open the easter egg, drag the platform out from under the egg, move it over the egg, and turn it to crack it.

Level 223: To take a snapshot of the star, move the camera focus up to the star in the question and then take the photo.

Level 224: What do you do if there is no fire for the barbeque? Rub the flint (charcoal) with your finger to produce heat and start the fire.

Level 225: Which of the following is a fruit? Zoom out on the tomato to turn it into a cherry tomato and then tap it.

Level 226: What’s your current body temperature? Put your finger on the thermometer and then take your finger off when it stops rising.

Level 227: Who is the real pilot? Shake your phone and then tap the one that doesn’t get dizzy; that one is the real pilot.

Level 228: To get water with the least amount of switches, you only need to turn on these two:

Level 229: Tap the orange (not red) button three times, then tap the yellow button three times and it will turn orange. After about five seconds it will turn back to yellow. Then tap it two more times.

Level 230: To defeat him again, zoom in on the smaller tank on the bottom to expand it, then hit the shoot button to blow up the top tank.

Level 231: To make the dice show the same number, rub the bottom left corner of the bottom dice to change 2 into 3.

Level 232: To get rid of the nasty rat, tap on the rat over and over and it will go away.

Level 233: Harry bought two donuts. How can they be divided into three? Easy – move Tom off of the screen.

Level 234: Which of the following is the cheapest of the four set meals? The one that costs the lowest amount of money is the cheapest.

Level 235: To align all of the gold leaves, put all of the ones below the question in a vertical line starting at the gold leaf in the question.

Level 236: How much is set number 3? This was in question 234 – the answer is $15.

Level 237: To take away the bag you like, move the word “bag” in the question off of the screen.

Level 238: There are ten fish in the tank. If one dies, how many are left? Still ten – the dead one is still in there until someone takes it out.

Level 239: How do you make the house into a two-story building? Turn the screen to the right to make it look like a two-story house.

Level 240: Bod’s vision is bad. To help him see the chart clearly, rub his glasses until the spirals go away.

Level 241: Honey, don’t go, turn the lights on for me! Put the pear inside of the lamp and it turns into a lightbulb.

Level 242: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder cannot endure, so to even out the orange lines, just swipe them with your finger to erase all of them.

Level 243: How do you turn the men’s toilet into the women’s toilet? Just drag the bottom squares of the shirt outward by one square each to turn it into a dress.

Level 244: To stop the car at the stop sign, drag the stop sign over to the car, and place it overlapping the car.

Level 245: To move two matchsticks to make an upright chair, move the bottom-left horizontal matchstick all the way to the top-right, and move the top-left vertical matchstick to the bottom-right.

Level 246: Swipe left to unlock, ignoring the right-facing track or the right-facing arrows. Grab the arrow and swipe left.

Level 247: Which duck is different? Swipe at their beaks until you find the one that has a fake beak.

Level 248: To form an inverted pyramid with the least number of steps, turn the phone upside down to pass and form an inverted pyramid in zero steps.

Level 249: To solve 100+100=?, move the button out of the way to find the 200 button hidden under it.

Level 250: How many faces do you see in the whole thing? Four total faces, including your own face in the black screen that flashes up.

Level 251: To help Gump drink the milk at the bottom of the glass, swipe down on the bottom of the glass and the milk will disconnect. Now give the milk to Gump.

Level 252: To tear the check, make a tearing/ripping motion on it with two fingers and it will split in half.

Level 253: These ladies say that they have no motion sickness. Which is lying? Shake the phone and tap on the one who gets motion sick.

Level 254: It’s too cold, so to raise the temperature, hold down on the base of the thermometer with your finger until the temperature rises to body temperature.

Level 255: To fix the sink, tap the pipes until they all connect to each other and to both sides of the faucet.

Level 256: To drive to the opposite side of the stop (road engineer), use your two thumbs to tilt the downward side of the stage to the right, so the rock rolls away. Then tap on the car to make it drive.

Level 257: Bob is thirsty, so to give him water, ignore the girl (she is not Bob) and give the water bottle to the word Bob in the question.

Level 258: Bob loves wearing a gold necklace. Which one is Bob? Use two fingers to swipe to the right to find Bob off of the left side of the screen. Then tap on him.

Level 259: It’s not winter yet, so to wake him up, rub him over and over until he wakes up.

Level 260: To catch the Diglett who doesn’t think you can catch him, put your finger over the empty hole and tap the hole he’s sticking out of.

Level 261: To tap anywhere to continue, tap the word “anywhere” in the question to continue.

Level 262: The BBQ is over, so to put out the fire, flip your phone screen-side down to smother it.

Level 263: How thick is the 0.01cm paper when folded in half five times in a row? Still 0.01cm, because it’s still just one piece of paper. So tap the 0.01 in the question.

Level 264: To return the balloon to Tom, give the balloon to the word Tom in the question.

Level 265: To sharpen the pencil, pull the blunt tip off of the top of the pencil with your finger. Underneath it is a sharp tip, therefore the pencil will be sharpened.

Level 266: To help the crow drink some water, pick up the small rock on the right and then drop it on the ground. It will turn into two smaller rocks. Put the smaller rocks into the test tube to raise the water level enough so that the crow can drink.

Level 267: To catch the butterfly, tap on the butterfly when it flies by and you will catch it without even having to use the net.

Level 268: To place the rectangle to the right of the circle, don’t touch either shape at all. Instead, flip your phone over to look at the two from a different angle.

Level 269: Don’t tell anyone that you have a diamond ring. Swipe down on the lid of the treasure chest with the diamond inside to close it and hide it.

Level 270: Who do you think has the most potential? Tap the word “you” in the question – you have the most potential!

Level 271: To save the guy, pull the giant rock off of him with two fingers at a time.

Level 272: Which elephant is the balloon? Expand the elephants by zooming in on them, and the one that’s the balloon will expand and then explode.

Level 273: You only have one match in a cold cave. Which should you light first? The answer is the match, because you need it to light anything else up.

Level 274: Tap the animals from left to right, then tap the diamond, pentagon, and square. The diamond and the square are the same, so tap the diamond, pentagon, and diamond.

Level 275: To stop on the green chameleon, hit start and then watch the patterns, so that you can predict when to hit stop.

Level 276: To drive the car across the street, combine the white cloud and the black cloud together to cause lightning strikes and break the rock. Then tap the car to make it drive.

Level 277: It’s hot, so to lower the temperature, flip the phone face down so that you can make the temperature drop by hiding it from the sun.

Level 278: To find the biggest bubble, tap and hold all four of the bubbles at the same time, or two at a time, in order to expand them.

Level 279: To click the numbers in order, screen capture the screen so that you can see the combination and refer back to it. Or just memorize and tap.

Level 280: Which painting is real? Drag the word real to any of the three paintings to make it real. Then tap the one that you drag it to.

Level 281: To plug it in, move the plug down to reveal a second outlet, then plug it into the second outlet that was previously hidden.

Level 282: To stop the car from driving, erase the word “no” from the “no danger ahead” sign using your finger.

Level 283: To tap the skip button five times, ignore the skip level button and move the button that says “Button” out of the way to reveal a button that says “Skip”, then tap it five times.

Level 284: To find the rat that is eating the rice, simply shake the phone and it will pop out of the bag.

Level 285: To eat the apple, move the wooden log out of the way and then tap the apple to make it fall down to the girl so that she can eat it.

Level 286: To tap the elephant when it appears, wait for 5-10 seconds until the elephant appears on screen. While it’s on screen, tap the word “it” in the question.

Level 287: The average of three numbers is 8 and the average of two numbers is 6. What is the third number? Two numbers that average out to six are 4 and 8. Add 12 to the mix and the three average out to 8. Therefore the third number is 12.

Level 288: To make the windmill spin, turn your phone clockwise a few times until the windmill begins to turn on its own.

Level 289: To drive to the opposite stop (magician), pick up the car with a finger and carry it over the rock to the other end of the level.

Level 290: To catch them all, watch out for the herky jerky movements and move carefully so that you can catch all of the burger ingredients.

Level 291: To light up the fourth bulb, pause while you are on the tail end of three; then the delay will be enough to have it switch over to the fourth bulb right as you tap.

Level 292: To tap the duck on top of the question, put the question underneath all three of the animals, and then tap on the duck.

Level 293: Bob has 5 sons, and each son has one sister. How many children does Bob have? Six; the sister is the sister to all five of the sons.

Level 294: To put down the device, put your phone or tablet down on its back and let go of it.

Level 295: To hit the bullseye, zoom in on the target to expand it, then tap the shoot button to fire an arrow. The arrow will then hit the bullseye perfectly.

Level 296: The rain is a PH of less than 4. That means it’s acid rain, so tap the cloud in the middle and the acid rain will burn away the rock. Then tap the car to drive it across.

Level 297: To tap the eight teeth in order, tap them from one to eight, but screen-capture the screen before the numbers disappear so that you can refer back to your picture and use it as a guide.

Level 298: To hammer the nail all the way in, stop the hammer halfway between the wall and the nail after you bounce off the wall, then repeat three times in a row.

Level 299: To put the “giraffe” into the fridge, zoom in on the fridge to enlarge it, then drag the elephant (not the giraffe) into the fridge.

Level 300: To do the Pictionary challenge, look in the block for a four-digit number inside of the dark block. The number is 2784.

Level 301: To drag the numbers to get the largest value, stick the two zeroes next to each other to make an infinity symbol.

Level 302: To light up the fifth bulb, pause while you are on the tail end of four; then the delay will be enough to have it switch over to the fifth bulb right as you tap. Also, ignore the arrow.

Level 303: Ming wants to go to the opposite side but his eyes are high myopic. To help him, disappear the boulder by holding it with your finger, then tap the car with another finger to make it drive.

Level 304: What did people breathe before oxygen was discovered? Still oxygen, even though they didn’t know that that’s what it was yet.

Level 305: To swat the mosquito, put one finger on a blank part of the screen to get the mosquito to fly over to it. Then smash it with the other finger.

Level 306: To break the golden egg for a reward, grab the hammer out from behind the tree on the right and use it to break all three of the eggs open.

Level 307: If the snail exceeds the third place racer, what will its place be? Third (second place racer will still be second, and the former third place racer will be fourth)

Level 308: If yesterday were tomorrow, than today would be Friday, so what would “today” be? If yesterday were Thursday and today was Friday then tomorrow would be Thursday, so today is Wednesday.

Level 309: What time is it? Ignore the picture of the clock, and put the actual time on your phone. Enter it in military time – i.e. 14:22 equals 2:22 PM.

Level 310: To find the check, grab the envelope with a finger and then tilt it opening-side downward to dump the check out.

Level 311: How can Wong get first place? Drag “Wong” out of the question and onto the first place podium.

Level 312: To turn 2 rectangles into 3 rectangles, flip the 2 and the 3 around to make the question say “turn the 3 rectangles into 2 rectangles”.

Level 313: Which would you want if you could make your dreams come true? All of the above, so tap all three choices with three fingers at a time.

Level 314: To take the car to the opposite stop sign, tap it to make it drive, then swipe left on it to make it turn around and drive off the left side of the screen, onto the right side.

Level 315: When you hit someone in the head with the following items, what hurts the most? The head, so tap “head” in the question.

Level 316: To light up the fourth bulb, light up the bulb that has the number 4 over it. Ignore the fact that the numbers are scrambled.

Level 317: To get the smallest value, type 123 and then put the period in the question in between 1 and 2 to make it 1.23.

Level 318: To match the cards easily, just take a screen cap of the cards when they’re flipped upward so that you can see all of the matches without having to think about them.

Level 319: To mix red and blue together, put your finger over the mouth of the test tube and shake the phone.

Level 320: Boy + Boy = _ _ _? The answer is “Gay”

Level 321: To play again and win the game against Ming of tic-tac-toe, drag the circle from the question to one of the spaces, then tap another space, and make sure the spaces make three in a row. Upper left and upper right are a good combo.

Level 322: To make 18=1 true, change it into 1-0=1.

Level 323: There are three ladies with two daughters. How many chairs are needed? The answer is seven – there is one grandma, two moms, and four daughters.

Level 324: To hit the bowling pin, zoom in on the bowling pin to make it bigger, then tap the ball to roll it straight into the pin.

Level 325: To find the heart, hit the red button on the lamp to turn on the light and reveal the heart in the pages of the book.

Level 326: Whose cell phone is it? Put your finger down on the home button for about two seconds to show who the phone belongs to; their background will be a picture of themselves.

Level 327: To hold down the screen for three seconds, hold down the word “screen” in the question for three seconds.

Level 328: To help with ticket checking at the concert, do the “zoom in” motion on the ticket to break it in half.

Level 329: To continue to watch the video live, ignore the hands and move the mouse arrow on the monitor down to the play video button.

Level 330: To enter a five digit password, enter the mirror image of what you see in the mirror. The mirror says 21805, so enter 20815.

Level 331: One kilo of crab and a fish cost $111 in total. If the crab is $55 higher than the fish, how much is the fish? 111-55=56, and 56 divided by 2 is 28, so the fish costs $28.

Level 332: To click on the largest rectangle to pass, click on the background and click “ok”

Level 333: To get Gump back to the first floor in the elevator, flip your phone upside down and then hit the arrow to make the elevator go down instead of up.

Level 334: To buy soda, Jack is $1 short, and Gump is 1 cent short. Combine their money and it’s still not enough. How much is the soda? $1; Jack has nothing and Gump has 99 cents.

Level 335: Gump is thirsty for water after exercise. Cool off the water by merging the two cups together and then giving the combined cup to him.

Level 336: How do you light up the candle? Grab the magnifying glass and put it right over the match to light it. Then put the match right on the candle to light that, too.

Level 337: To drive the car to the opposite stop sign again, tap the car to make it go and then shake the phone to make the car jump over the boulder.

Level 338: To put down your phone and take a break, simply place your phone on its back and leave it on the desk, table, or whatever surface you put it on.


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