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Munchie Farm: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Munchie Farm is a new-ish game for the iOS and Android platforms that is way more popular than it has any right to be. It’s essentially a farming game targeted toward stoners, but instead of growing weed, you’re growing “munchies” such as ripple chips and cookies, which, in the world of this game, all grow on trees. Come to think of it, your humble author would love to live in a world where cookies grow on trees. Anyways, read on for some tips and tricks for Munchie Farm!

Your main goal in this game is to complete the quests. The old dude with the mustache-chops is the one that gives you each individual quest, and when you complete each one, you will earn a prize, such as an EXP point multiplier that will last forever. The more quickly that you complete quests, the more quickly you will gain experience points, and thus, experience levels.

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The experience is very important, because earning experience points is a prereq for unlocking more stuff. For example, early on, you will unlock more and more food as you gain levels. Later on, you will be able to unlock more expansions to your farm territory as you gain levels, although generally this only starts around level 12 or so. New food to plant will come much earlier.

Log into Facebook from the game in order to earn all sorts of bonuses. Chief among them is the 50 Munchiebucks that you get just for doing the whole login thing; however, you and your munchie buddies will be able to help each other out in the game. It’s recommended to have a game-related account that you can log in with, so that you can then join a group related to this game, and you and your group members can then help each other out and/or add each other to friends lists.

Be sure to hit up Dave’s Workshop for an upgrade to almost anything. Upgrade your main grow house and you can unlock the ability to hold more pots at a time. Upgrade your hippie van/VW Bus and you can send it out for more jobs at a time, and more jobs means more money and experience points. Other upgrades will appear as well, such as upgrades to your water tanks.

Send out deliveries as frequently as possible from your van. Deliveries are your main source of coins and experience points, as well as your method for getting rid of the huge stash of snacks that will inevitably build up as you grow more snacks at your grow house. Use the deliveries to make more room and to set the events in motion that will allow you to unlock more snacks.