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Oh My Dog – Heroes Assemble: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Oh My Dog – Heroes Assemble is a new clicker RPG for the iOS and Android platforms that plays similarly to old school clicker games such as Tap Titans You and your dog companions quest through a seemingly endless amount of levels, and you can unlock more dogs, earn currencies such as cookies and dognotes, unlock cards and shards, and a whole lot more.

Keep reading for a collection of tips and tricks for Oh My Dog – Heroes Assemble!

Battling in this game is done by tapping the screen in order to attack enemies, and simply by sitting and watching your companions attack on their own. You can level up both the master and the companions, but the companions cannot go past the level of the master, so if you run into a roadblock, level the master up.

As you upgrade, you will see a bar fill, and when it feels up, you will be given the opportunity to increase to a higher tier. Will give your stats a massive boost and allow you to continue leveling up even higher, so your goal for all of your companions should be to move to the higher tier as quickly as possible.

Don’t forget to upgrade your equipment, as well. The game does have a rather bizarre system of leveling up, where it automatically chooses how many levels to upgrade you by, so if you want to really ensure that each piece of equipment gets equal boosts for one dog, then your best bet is to select the option to upgrade everything and it will split the upgrades evenly.

When it comes to which dogs to add to your party, the general rule is to go by rarity. Purple is the least rare, orange is in the middle, and red is the absolute most rare. While this is an imperfect science as sometimes you can have more powerful dogs of a lower tier in rarity, this is the general rule about 95% of the time and is an easy way to build a strong team.

To find all of the free rewards that you can collect, as well as all of the gifts, be sure to follow the red exclamation mark. Each icon with a red exclamation mark next to it signifies a free reward that you can collect, and when the free rewards are gone, the red exclamation will disappear.

Treasure boxes tend to be loaded with cookies, which you can use to upgrade your dogs, but when you open common treasure boxes, you will also fill the bar for rare ones. Rare ones allow you to not only get new DDOGS, which is what this game calls your dog companions, but the more rare that the treasure boxes, the higher your chance of earning red DDOGS.

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There are plenty of different dungeons that can be unlocked later in the game. The first one is the glory tower, which has a ton of floors, each more difficult to beat than the last, and you can compete against other players to see who can get to the highest floor.

When you pass level 100 you will unlock the arena, which will allow you and your team to directly fight against other players and their teams for rewards and prizes. Upon passing level 200 you will get the boss invasion, which is a raid battle that allows you and other players to team up to take down a boss.

After you pass level 1500 you will unlock the ancient relic. This allows you to earn an extremely limited addition item that boosts the power of you and your entire team, plus unlock various other buffs.

After you reach level 4000 you will unlock Doggod Guard. This is the ultimate challenge that only the most expert players will be able to unlock, but this that will have the absolute highest and rarest rewards.