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Tingus Goose – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Tingus Goose is an absolute fever dream of an idle game for the iOS and Android platforms. You are a Doctor Who is treating sick people, and the treatment is to water them until a goose tree grows out of them. You then water the goose tree to release blossoms and cause the goose to spit out Tingi, or babies, which earn you money and allow you to continue watering the goose tree until it connects with its lover and you move onto the next patient. Yes, it’s as strange as it sounds.

Read further for a collection of tips and tricks for Tingus Goose!

You can take it as passive or as active of a role as you want in collecting money from your goose. Simply let the babies fall down if you want to do it passively, or you can tap the babies in order to gently bounce them and earn cash each time. Even better, if you move three babies close together, they will merge into a weird heart baby and earn you far more cash.

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As you tap to grow your goose taller, more blossoms will be created. They won’t be available right away, and the more rare ones will take longer to be ready, but once they are ready, your babies will interact with them as they float downward, which will earn you more money and give your babies more chances to merge into stranger and more lucrative creatures.

Every once in a while, check the bottom of the stage to see what pops up near the piggy bank. Often there will be rare Tingus babies there, and when you collect them, you will receive a permanent boost, such as an income booster or a price dropper. These boosts will continue even after you move onto the next patient, so the more of them that you find and collect, the better.

If some of your blossoms are not performing the way that you feel like they should, then long press them in order to enter edit mode. Edit mode will not only allow you to move them to another side of the tree, but will also allow you to change their overall position, and even to extend or retract them to optimize their length so that you can interact with more babies.

There are a number of different advertisement video options that you can take in order to earn free bonuses. These all require a good Internet connection, so make sure that you are in an area where your connection is strong if you plan on cashing them in.

There are a ton of other places to earn bonuses as well in this game. tap on various unusual things that pop up, such as flying pigs, large balloons, and other things, in order to earn large amounts of cash. You can also unlock the ability to make the human on the hospital bed poop, and then collect the poop for large amounts of cash.