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Pokémon Sleep: Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Pokémon Sleep is a new sleep tracking game for the iOS and Android platforms that allows you to catch Pokémon by sleeping. The game will track your sleep, and you will catch a different types of Pokémon depending on how you sleep and how much of your sleep is slumber, dozing, or sleeping. You can unlock all sorts of different recipes to cook for your Snorlax, find helpful Pokémon, level them up and evolve them, and more.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for Pokémon Sleep!

This is both a game and a sleep tracker, and the sleep tracking is the mechanism that the game centers around. When you sleep in real life, activate the sleep function in this game and leave your screen active, and it will track your sleep and reward you with Pokémon, candies, food, experience points, RP, and more.

At the surface, this game seems to require that you leave your screen on the entire time that you’re sleeping. If you want to lower the rate of battery usage while you sleep, flip your phone over so that the screen is down, and the screen will dim, but not shut off entirely. You can also go to the options menu and decrease the graphical performance and the frame rate.

So how do you catch the maximum amount of Pokémon possible in Pokémon Sleep? Simply sleep as often as possible to make it happen. Not only should you be tracking your full sleep, but also track your naps, and if you don’t take naps, then start taking naps and you will catch Pokémon faster.

You can also track the sleep of other people throughout your house if they agree to it. Simply log into your account from another device or leave your phone in the same room or somebody else is sleeping. Track your spouse, your kids, your dog, or whoever. You can rack up extra Pokémon this way.

You can level up and evolve your Pokémon in this game, just like other Pokémon games. Go to the menu, your Pokémon list, then tap on any one of your Pokémon and pick either evolve or level app. You will need the specific candy of your Pokémon in order to do either one, plus, you will need a specific elemental stone, such as a thunder stone for Pikachu, in order to do the evolution.

Shiny Pokémon are fairly easy to find in this game, because your shiny rates are far better than they are in Pokémon GO or in any of the mainstream games. To find shiny Pokémon, simply sleep more often and you will have a better chance of coming across them; there is nothing special that you have to do in order to get shinies besides sleep.

Are you trying to find a shiny Snorlax as well? This also doesn’t require anything special; simply wait till the next week in the game and there’s a chance that your Snorlax will be shiny. Shiny Snorlax has no benefits over any other Snorlax, besides simply looking different.

There is also a green Snorlax in this game, and you can find the green Snorlax by unlocking Cyan Beach research station. In order to find Cyan Beach, you need to research a total of 20 sleep styles. Then, when the week turns over and you are able to pick your research area, this one will become available to you.

Be sure to feed your Snorlax three times a day for the maximum effect. Breakfast time is between 6 AM and 12 PM, lunchtime is between 12 PM and 6 PM, and dinner time is between 6 PM and 6 AM.

Additionally, be sure to tap your helper Pokémon whenever you see them ready to tap, because they will give you berries. Each specific Pokémon will give you a specific side of berries and food, so swap out your helper Pokémon frequently in order to get more different types of berries and food.

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Be sure to frequently change up the ingredients that you use in your meal, or try it out completely random things either by auto cooking or picking no recipe. If you use the right one of ingredients in your food, you will end up finding new recipes.

The four different types of food that you can make are Currys, stews, chowders, and salads. Each week, your Snorlax will have a different combination of food that they request, so make use of whatever type of recipe that they request in order to maximize the amount of strength that they came from eating.