Ridge Racer Slipstream – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

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20 years after the original Ridge Racer lit up the very first Playstation as a launch title, Ridge Racer Slipstream brings the franchise back for the iOS and Android franchises. Just like the previous games, you get a bunch of fake cars and fake tracks to race on, and there is all kinds of stuff that you can unlock. Read on for some tips and tricks for Ridge Racer Slipstream!

The controls of the game have multiple options, including auto gas vs manual acceleration and tilt turning vs tap turning. Tilt and tap turning is a matter of preference, but it is recommended not to leave the auto gas on. If you put on manual gas, then you can let off the gas to drift, then hit the gas again to speed through the drift, or for extremely tight turns, simply lift your foot off of the gas through the whole turn.

If you do leave the auto gas on, the best way to begin a drift is to start a tight turn, and then tap the brake once, very quickly. This makes it so that you don’t lose speed, but you do lose traction enough to go sideways, which makes you turn FAR more tightly.

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Drifting is so easy that you’ll literally never have to hit the brakes if you do it right. Simply let off the gas and do a tight turn into a corner, then hit the gas again once you start turning (or stay off the gas for extremely tight turns). Unlike in real life, drifting is the fastest way to complete any tight turn in this game. However, it’s not necessary for gradual turns. Because of that, always look at the map to make sure that you’re aware of where the next turn is coming up, because there’s no other way to know aside from memorizing the course.

When a particular race gets too tough, start going back to old races that you have already beaten and play them again until you rack up enough coins for more upgrades on your car. If you have beaten all available races in career mode but you can’t yet afford the cars in the next category, do the same thing until you can afford a newer car.

True to the name of the game, try to get behind an opponent who is ahead of you. This will give you a major speed boost, allowing you to pass them, and oftentimes this is the truest way to win at the last second.

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