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No Limit Racer: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

No Limit Racer, not to be confused with No Limit Drag Racing, is an endless racing game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to race through a number of old-school polygon environments reminiscent of games such as the old Star Fox, try to get as far as you can, and earn as many credits as you can. With the credits you can then purchase new vehicles. Read on for some tips and tricks for No Limit Racer!

Your only method of control in this game is simply tilting your phone to the left or to the right. As of the current moment, touch button controls have not been built in yet. You’ll have to tilt the phone quite a bit in order to get the Falcon to go to the side as hard as you want it to go, but after awhile you will get used to it.

Look for the blue and green rings as you go. The blue rings will give you an instant 500 credit bonus. The green rings will not only give you that same 500 credit bonus, but will also give you a temporary turbo boost. The turbo boost will speed you up for a limited time. This, of course, will make it a little bit harder to dodge obstacles, though.

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You can buy new ships permanently, but if you are good enough at the game, go down to the bottom of the ship store and rent some credit bonuses. The cost will be fairly low for one race, but if you can get far and go through a lot of hoops it’s worth it because one of the rentals earns you 2x credits, and the other earns you 3x credits.

The new ship purchases, as of right now, don’t give you any performance bonuses or credit bonuses when you purchase them. Their main purposes is to add customization to the game. They can change the color and appearance of your ship and can be used forever (or at least until the game is deleted) once you purchase them.

The lazy way to earn credits, without going through any of the rings, is to go to the top of the screen, near your credit count, and watch ad videos for 500 credits apiece. You can watch them over and over again until all of your credits run out, and then when they do, you’ll be able to come back in a few minutes and watch videos again when they reload.