Track Star (Whaleo) Tips and Cheats: The Ultimate Strategy Guide

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Track Star is a new drag racing game by Whaleo. It’s a short, addicting (somewhat) and annoying game that requires you to beat your rivals in a race. Your races will last either a quarter mile or a half mile, with differing prizes depending on what the race is. All this, and your goal in the game is to move on to bigger and tougher tournaments and beat everyone there, too. Read on for some tips and tricks for Track Star!

Shifting in this game is very dicey. The way to shift is to let off of the accelerator, and then hit the upshift button. If you don’t let off of the gas pedal close enough, then a misshift will occur and your car will lose a massive amount of speed, causing you to become frustrated and possibly ruining an entire race for you. It’s better to shift too soon or too late than to misshift.

Starting the race is also fairly dicey. It’s far easier to get a quick start when you have the sound on, but if the sound is off, you will have to mentally time it using your own memory of when the “wait” button turns into “go”. Hit it as soon as possible after the green, but not before that. If you hit it a little bit too late, it’s usually not an issue as long as your car is well-tuned.

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The standard race comes in two difficulties: wimp and racer. Wimp mode is extremely easy to beat, but only earns you one tournament token. Racer mode is much more difficult to beat, and will earn you three tournament tokens at a time. In almost all instances, play racer mode, not only so you have the pressure to improve at the game, but because as soon as you can beat more than 1 out of every three races, you’ll earn tokens faster than if you won every race on wimp mode.

Of course, then you will have to use the tournaments to earn some actual cash, because you can’t earn it from the normal races. Tournament races are usually half a mile as opposed to a quarter mile. This means that you have more time that you have to focus for, but then you will also have more time to make up for lost time in a race – helpful if your car has better top-end power.

It’s much easier if you get in a groove, so first, race over and over in the standard race so that you can load up on tokens. Then, race in the tournaments when you have your rhythm down so that you win races rapidly and more frequently (due to being in practice), thus allowing you to load up on cash and upgrade your car.

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