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Cartoon Wars 3 – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Cartoon Wars 3 is the latest game in the long-running old-school mobile series by Gamevil. There haven’t been a whole lot of reverse tower-defense games around lately, but this one stays true to the genre and will give old fans something to be happy about. Your goal is to put together a team full of fighting stickmen and stickwomen and defend your castle while crushing that of the enemy. Read on for some tips and tricks for Cartoon Wars 3!

When in battle, send out a few troops initially for defense, then let your mana build so that you can upgrade your mana tower. The more upgrades you do to the mana tower, the faster the mana will build and the more it can hold, therefore the quicker you can release troops after that.

This is especially pertinent if you have an extremely rare character who takes hundreds of mana to release. You’ll have to send out just enough to hold the enemy at bay for awhile, but then once you send out your heavy hitter, the battle will be over VERY quickly. To defend during the waiting time beforehand your best bet is to use the up and down buttons to aim the arrows being launched from your tower.

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Use summons every time that you get either 4,500 coins or 60 crystals (for the premium ones). Even for the normal coin summons you have a chance at getting rare characters. Common characters always have a place in your party though as you need low-mana characters to provide high-quantity infantry and to hold off enemies until your more are characters are charged up.

You’ll come across a lot of extra units as you go, so the ones that you don’t need, use them for all of the various methods of enhancement for your characters. You can sacrifice unneeded units for either upgrades or enhancements. Upgrades merely level them up while enhancements increase all of their base stats. The easiest and cheapest way to level up your units, though, is simply to replay levels that you have already beaten, and beat them again for the experience points.

Once your units are fully upgraded and enhanced, they can be either merged or evolved. Merging them turns them into a random unit of a one-star-higher rarity, while evolving them, which has to be done using an identical unit, turns them into the one-star-higher version of themselves.