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Siege: Titan Wars – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Siege: Titan Wars is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms that plays like a cross between Clash Royale and League of Legends, but with large army battles. Your goal is to send your hordes out against the enemy troops, destroy their towers, and then destroy their castle. You can fight for coins, gems, and new troops and cards, and load up on victory points so that you can become the top player in your clan and try to rank globally. Read one or some tips and tricks for Siege: Titan Wars!

Some of the time, you’ll take a battle from start to finish, but most of the time, if you and the other player are on fairly equal footing, the match will end in a draw or will time out into a win or loss. If neither of the castles were destroyed, then the victory will go to whoever destroyed more of the other player’s towers.

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You can’t stick to just one or two types of troops if you want to win. You’re going to have to use a good mix of all that you have in your deck, because they all benefit each other. For example, a Shield Knight has super high health, so send in a flood of archers behind it to so some nice damage. But keep a good splash attack spell, such as fireball, in case you need to stop someone else from using the same strategy.

Make sure to keep all of your cards leveled up. Always keep a chest working so that you can open them more frequently, and ideally, set the notifications on so that you can know to open the chest as soon as it finishes. This is also the quickest way to unlock new types of troops.

If you are almost at enough cards, but not quite enough, to level a card up, hit the store. The store will regenerate every 24 hours, and you can spend some coins there in order to get new cards for leveling up an existing spell or troop, or even purchase a new spell or troop.

You get matched up against opponents based upon how many trophies you have. If you keep losing, you might need to get more chests, but to get more chests, you need to win. Tank multiple battles to drop your trophies, then get some easier wins to get your chests up so that you can get more cards, coins, and whatnot.