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Sky Glider 3D: Guide for Noobs, Pros, and Hackers – Cheats, Cash, Upgrades, and High Score Walkthrough

Sky Glider 3D is a game where you try to glide as far as you can in one shot using your little round character. Your goal is to make a bunch of cash, try to set distance records, and earn as much cash as possible, so that you can buy even more upgrades and reach new regions of the world.

Read on for a full guide on how to go the farthest distance and make the most money in Sky Glider 3D!

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The first step is to know how to launch properly, which is to launch in the green, or as close to the green as possible. If you’re color blind, then try to aim for the center of the launching bar. Either way, if you hit the target on the bar, you will get a “perfect” rating.

Tap the screen and hold it in order to let out your wings and glide down. Experiment with your wing extension point – sometimes waiting until later in the jump, after you fall a bit, to let your wings out is the better way to go than letting them out right away once you hit the peak of your jump. This is due to the added speed while you are still spinning with no wings out.

Now comes the issue of where to land. 10x holes are very hard to land in, but if you do land in them, you get 10x the money. 6x holes are the largest of the big-value holes. Anything below 6X (such as 4x and 2x) is typically very easy to land in, although they are worth far less money.

Hit any of the star circles (the ones in the air or on the ground) to bounce and go even further. The more of these that you can hit, the longer the distance that you can go. The star circles are trampolines, so when you hit them, you will bounce right off.

Upgrading is essential. You can upgrade your jumping in order to upgrade the speed and distance that you’ll fly when you jump, and you can upgrade your cash to increase the amount that you earn per jump. Upgrade both of these about equally for the largest possible benefit.

Advertisement video offers allow you to do two things in this game in order to speed things up. The first thing that they let you do is double your income every time you finish a stage. Don’t waste bandwidth on an ad if you didn’t land in one of the bonus holes, but if you did and you already earned a lot of cash, then double it for a major bonus.

The second thing that they let you do is get free upgrades. Whether these are worth it or not is up to you and your level of patience. Whether you want to watch ad videos for free upgrades or simply for sky-high income, you’ll make progress.

If you want to turn off ads, you have two options. Option 1 is to buy the ad-free mode. This allows you to watch ad videos for bonuses still, but all of the involuntary ads will go away permanently.

The second option is to go into airplane mode before you start the game. This takes away the internet connection, which disables ads from being able to load. However, a side effect of this is that you can’t take the cash doubler bonuses or free upgrades.


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What is the highest score so far? Currently I have 24M and was thinking of going for a billion!?!