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Sky Kingdoms: Castle Siege – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Sky Kingdoms: Castle Siege is a new MMO strategy game for the iOS and Android platforms. You’re placed into a world full of bright colors and anime-style art and are in charge of your own kingdom, where you gather resources, train troops, fortify your kingdom, and send your heroes and your troops out to fight against other players and against the computer. Read on for some tips and tricks for Sky Kingdoms: Castle Siege!

You’ll have quests to follow the entire time as you go through the game, and quests help you get started and get upgraded far more quickly. When a quest has you do one upgrade, and you can VIP Free finish it, try to do another upgrade. Do as many as you can until you can’t afford anymore on that building, not just the one single upgrade. You’ll complete quests faster, and be able to increase your resources more quickly.

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As you make progress through the game, new prizes will be unlocked, whether they’re boxes for leveling up or prizes that you get for the daily logins. Many of the boxes will contain resource packs that you can use to boost your resource stash. If resources are collected, though, then other players will be able to steal them. So save resource packs for when you need them immediately. Same with prizes that are earned from completing quests.

The main thing that factors into your hero’s effectiveness is their leadership rating. The higher a hero’s leadership is, the more troops a hero will be able to take with them into a battle. Medals and free upgrades will be earned for a hero as they gain levels, which you can use to boost leadership and go into battles more heavily-armed.

Take on the explore quests as frequently as you can. In this mode, you need to complete single-player battles, and in these battles, you can actually watch the fight play out. The farther you get, the more difficult the battles become, but the better the prizes become. Once you run out of chances, wait for while and then start battling again.

Keep your barracks, your city walls, your smithy, your academy, and all other facilities running as often as possible. The game is a numbers game, and as long as you have more troops, better troops, and better equipment, you’re going to win.