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Smash Cops Heat for iOS: Tips to get more donuts (donut pieces), Super Cops and InstaRams

Smash Cops Heat is a crazy police chase game in which you have to smash into suspects, ram them over and over and try to destroy their cars in order to arrest them. In addition, you have to accomplish speed missions with suspects chasing you. Donut pieces are the collection pieces of the game, and there are three pieces per level. Super Cops are power ups that give you six sections of extreme power, speed and defense strength. InstaRams let you ram before your ram button is recharged. Read on for tips on how to get more of all three!

To find all of the donut locations, always be scanning around the stage as you go. Donuts are always in rather predictable locations. In straightforward stages such as the cone challenges, they will be right alongside the road. In open world stages such as the suspect arrest and chase stages, they will be fairly close to the path you’re taking to the next checkpoint or to ram the next car.

You don’t have to get all of the donut pieces in one go through, though. You can, but you can also collect one piece, then replay the stage and collect two more. Or play the stage three different times in order to collect all three of them, one per go. If you get every single donut on every single stage, you will be rewarded with a special bonus car. Of course, this requires you to unlock and beat every single stage, making the car a nice bonus that isn’t going to help you beat the game at all.

To get more Super Cops and InstaRams, you can do one of three things. One of the options is to buy more of them from the store. To do this go to the store tab. Since there’s no form of in-game currency, the only way to buy them from the store is to spend real life money on them via the App Store, but they are not expensive.

You will get one of each if you follow through Twitter via the game, or subscribe on Facebook via the game. Last, but not least, you get them as bonuses for completing any of the challenge stages within the specified time limit.