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Spider Square – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Spider Square is the latest endless game by BoomBit, who is most famous for their hit Bird Climb. This game plays a bit like Flappy Bird in that your goal is to go as far as possible, but you do it by swinging your square along the level by launching spiderweb strings, like Spider-Man. You can collect gems and unlock new characters as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Spider Square!

Timing your swings and controlling your speed is key here. If you hang on for longer, you’ll swing higher and move slower. If you just barely hang on before letting go, you’ll move faster and swing lower. Keep a good bouncing rhythm going to go as straight as possible up until you need to move to get around an obstacle.

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If you go closer to the top, you’ll need to tap for a much shorter period of time or else you’ll end up launching yourself into the ceiling and ending your run quickly. Tap quickly until you can let yourself drop down lower so that your character is easy to control again.

You can collect gems in the levels, or you can collect gems with other free bonuses within the game. Go to the IAP store and you can watch a video for 20 free gems. You can also hit the tweet button and earn 40 free gems, and you’ll earn 5 free gems the first time that you play in multiplayer mode.

The gems can be used to continue a round if you die. Don’t bother buying this unless you are very close to a high score and are intent on breaking your old record. Instead, spend the gems on new characters. New character prices very depending on the character, from 20 gems for the cheapest one to 10,000 for Squaromancer. They all play exactly the same; they just look different.

You can also get free characters for playing the game on consecutive days, or you can earn various secret hidden characters by completing specific actions in the game. It’s currently unknown how to unlock all of the hidden characters, but they should also be unlockable with the “unlock all” in app purchase option.