Stilland War: Tips and Cheats – The Ultimate Strategy Guide

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Stilland War is a new MMORPG for the iOS and Android platforms. It’s basically Dragon Bane Elite without the irritating Comic Sans font that gives DBE players such a headache. Your main goal is to gain experience, find new companions, increase your power, fight against the computer and against other players, and to attempt to become one of the highest level players in this world. Read on for some tips and tricks for Stilland War!

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Sometimes it seems like there is a ton going on in this game, but you can always use the auto-pathfinding feature, which is activated by hitting the icon in the far top-right corner of the screen. This takes you to your most immediate quests; however, for times when you have a choice of more than one quest to complete, you can choose which quest to pathfind to using the “quest” menu.

D.G., or Dragon Gold, is the premium currency in this game, and one of the most unique features is that you can invest your D.G. to make more D.G. You will need to be a premium player for this (which requires purchasing some D.G.) but after one purchase, go to the Growth Foundation to invest. You can turn 300 into a total of 750 D.G. in five days this way.

Everything you do in this game should be about increasing your power. Training your characters is good but it’s a pain in the ass because of the negative stat effects that pop up. So make sure to not safe any bad training. Cancel, get your gold back and try again. Focus mainly instead on talent training (more talents are unlocked as you level up) and refining your equipment.

Refining and talent training can be done up to the current level of your account, so you can go to old instances if you’d like to level up, or anywhere else that you can battle (such as the arena). In the arena, work your way up slowly. Pick the lowest-ranked opponent (who is still a higher rank than you) and fight them, and they should be easy to defeat.

If you are having trouble beating people right around your power level or just above, reorganize your formation. Your tanks (high defense characters) should ALWAYS be up front. Healers and mages and other characters with low defense should be behind your tanks as to be protected. You can upgrade your formation talents once for every 4 levels that you gain.

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