Tap! Dig! My Museum! Walkthrough, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

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Tap! Dig! My Museum! is a new iPhone and Android game where you run a museum and earn coins. Your goal is to dig around for artifacts, upgrade your museum and its attractions, and earn as many coins as possible.

You start off with a really small museum, but you can dig for fossils, piece together skeletons and artifacts as attractions, and then place them inside of your museum.

Read on for tips and sheets for Tap! Dig! My Museum!

You start off with only one little measly fossil, which you can upgrade right away because the game starts you off with enough coins to go on several digs, but you don’t just buy an instant upgrade using coins like you do in other idle tap games.

Instead, you pay coins to start a dig. You’ll have a game board spaced out on a hex grid, And you can choose a limited number of spaces to dig per run so that you can find fossils. If you piece together an entire bone or artifact, you’ll then be able to add it to your display, increasing its earning potential.

Once you run out of coins, all you have to do is go to the main museum area and watch as your visitors drop coins at your attractions. What do you have enough coins for another dig, start it up again.

Once you get enough coins to unlock a new attraction, you will be able to pick whether you want to place an existing fossil or a new one. Place a familiar one if you want to, depending on if you have one you really like that strikes the perfect balance between high income and cheap digging. Or, you can tap on the new fossils to get a different type of challenge.

As you keep digging and digging for a specific display, eventually you’re going to achieve 100% completion. Even if you do, though, you can still keep digging and digging for that specific attraction. As you find more fossils you’ll actually raise the bar above 100%, increasing the earning power to a new level and changing the color of the fossil. Keep digging and digging and eventually it might be possible to bring a dinosaur back to life!

There is strangely no form of offline income in this game. If you don’t have much cash and you need to charge your phone, leave the game active so that visitors will keep throwing coins. Every once in a while, go back to your phone and swipe over all of the coins in order to collect them.

You can get an instant 50 visitors by tapping on the ad video icon that sometimes pops up in the lower left corner of the screen. They will show up to your museum, and they will leave coins at each one of your attractions, so the more of them that you have, the more coins you get per visitor, and thus per video.

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