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The Unbeatable Game 2: Walkthrough, All Levels Answers, Tips, Spoilers, Cheats

The Unbeatable Game 2 is the sequel to one of the most popular and most difficult IQ test games to have come out in recent days for the iOS and Android platforms. This game gives you all kinds of wacky questions to answer, and whether you get them right or wrong determines when you move on. Read on for all of the solutions to every level in The Unbeatable Game 2! (spoiler alert from here on out)

NOTE: This is for The Unbeatable Game 2. For the answers to The Unbeatable Game, the original, go here: The Unbeatable Game – IQ Answers, Cheats and Spoilers
Level 1: Tap the word “quickly” in the sentence.
Level 2: Tap the letter “A” inside of the triangle, in the lower left angle.
Level 3: Dayrate is the opposite of nitrate.
Level 4: Drag the squares in the bottom row into the top row so they form one unbroken rectangle.
Level 5: The answer is 5 holes in the bucket.

Level 6: To change Centimeters to Meters, swipe over the word Centi until it’s erased.
Level 7: To tap the circle two times, tap the word “circle” and then tap the circle itself.
Level 8: Tap the smallest number, which is “8” in the Trials box.
Level 9: Use two thumbs to split the clouds apart to stop the rain.
Level 10: To clean the floor, drag and drop the wads of paper and the question into the trash bin.

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Level 11: Tap the highest number on the screen, then the one below that, then the one below that etc. The highest physically, not the biggest number. So 91 would be first.
Level 12: All three of them have a brain so tap on all three of them at the same time.
Level 13: Tap check. All the lines are straight already.
Level 14: To “prove” that the line is unidirectional, erase “uni” by swiping on it.
Level 15: Split the dotted triangle apart with your thumbs to fit the objects.

Level 16: To form the smallest number, place the decimal point in front of 999999 to turn it into .999999
Level 17: the smallest square is the one in the center of the cube.
Level 18: Tap all three of them and hit check.
Level 19: swipe from left to right across all of the balloon strings.
Level 20: Do nothing for five seconds and it will move on automatically.

Level 21: Flip the phone over and tap the equation.
Level 22: the smartest person here is “yourself”.
Level 23: tap “all” and “colors” at the same time.
Level 24: Move the vertical line from the plus sign to the six to turn it into 8 – 8 = 0.
Level 25: Drag the bathtub away from Sandy the baby.

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