TrickyBricky: All Answers and Solutions for All Levels and Questions

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Level 1: Count the wolves! No tricks here, there are ten of them.

Level 2: What color is the sky? Tap the button that says the word “blue”, not the color blue.

Level 3: To help the boy get his hat, move the cloud out of the way and the sun will melt the snowman.

Level 4: Which was the first one, the chicken or the egg? The chicken was, so tap on the chicken.

Level 5: To find the largest color area, tap on the button that says the word “white”, not the color white.

Level 6: To help Lucy get to work at 9, move the hour hand of the clock backwards to the 8.

Level 7: To help the old man cross the street, drag him to the street, then drag the street over to the other side of the man.

Level 8: To make the black hole devour everything, put all of the objects into the black hole, then put the question itself into the hole.

Level 9: Can you solve the equation? 10 + 10 + 2 = 77 – take the bottom part of each 1 and put it on each 7 to turn the end number into 22.

Level 10: To count the number of hairs, pull the hairs off of the boy’s head with your finger, and then count the ones that are left over after you do that.

Level 11: How many carriages does the train have? Count the number of numbers on each train car – there are 7.

Level 12: To help the unicorn cross the river, drag the water drop up to the sun to make a rainbow bridge for it.

Level 13: To have fun with the kid, make sure your phone’s rotation lock is off, then tilt your phone to the right to make the kid slide.

Level 14: How many triangles are in the picture? Count the ones that contain smaller triangles inside. There are 5.

Level 15: To get to the island, zoom in on the island with two fingers to make it expand.

Level 16: To tap a donut above the text, move the question below the donut and then tap the donut.

Level 17: To snowman is not happy! To make it happy, take the carrot off of the dish and put it on the snowman’s face.

Level 18: To count the holes in the trousers, assume the two holes in the knees are front and back. Count the legs, the waist, and the drawstring holes. There are 9.

Level 19: To help Grandma eat cookies, move her hat to find her dentures underneath.

Level 20: Which one is uneatable? The pot that the stew is in, not the stew itself.

Level 21: To make the apple fall, shake your phone to knock it off of the tree.

Level 22: To tap the alien, tap on the word “alien” in the question.

Level 23: To find the darkest color, tap on the question, because the font of the words is black.

Level 24: Count the people in the crowd! Move everyone you can in order to find the hidden person. There are 6.

Level 25: To help her cross the bridge, drag the rocks off of the right side and into the middle of the bridge.

Level 26: To find all of the objects, find their silhouettes in the picture, then drag the objects from the top row onto the picture on the silhouettes.

Level 27: Which one has soda inside? Shake the phone to make the one with soda burst open.

Level 28: To follow the no ice cream rule, drag the kid’s ice cream away from him multiple times until it is all gone.

Level 29: What has to be instead of ? Solve the equation 5! = ?. 5+ = 5*4*3*2*1 = 120.

Level 30: Can you enter the correct password? Move the laptop to find it. The password is 1248.

Level 31: To heal him, plug your phone that you’re playing the game on into a charger, or put it on a wireless charging pad.

Level 32: How many sweets does the boy have? Tap his mouth to open it, then swipe his hat to move it to see all of the sweets.

Level 33: Who’s winning? The guy who is out of the water in a speedo, since he’s done already.

Level 34: Which city is the closest? The one in the picture is, so tap on the clock tower.

Level 35: Where is Santa Claus? Zoom out on the fire to make it disappear and make Santa appear.

Level 36: Can you guess the answer? The bananas in each slot are worth (from left to right) 16, 8, 4, 2, 1. So 01011 (bottom equation) is 11.

Level 37: How many triangles are there? Work this out just like the other triangle question. There are 11 total triangles.

Level 38: To make the soup boil, move the stove to find the plug, then plug it in. Then put the pot on top.

Level 39: Can you fix this: 1+1+1=1 – move the far right “+1” to the right side to fix it and make it 1+1=1+1.

Level 40: Distribute the gifts fairly. To do this, give Emmy her gift, give Julia and Tom’s gift to Julia, then give Paul’s gift to Tom (they are brothers).

Level 41: The astronaut is lost, save him! To do that, drag the ship in from the left side of the screen.

Level 42: What is the most expensive thing that the thief stole? Turn the phone upside down until a diamond falls out, then tap on it.

Level 43: What color is the sky? Shake the phone to make the words in the answer buttons go away, then tap on the blue button.

Level 44: To make the engine work fast, rearrange the gears to put the biggest on top and the smallest on the bottom, with the medium one in the middle.

Level 45: What direction does the finger point to? Tap on the button that the finger is actually pointing to.

Level 46: To weight is too heavy for him, so to help him lift it, take the 0 out of the “10” on the weight to turn it into a 1.

Level 47: Which one is not food? Tap on the box that the french fries come in, since that isn’t food.

Level 48: So hungry! Make me something to eat! Take the middle of the flower and put it on the stick, then take the swirl from his glasses and put it on the circle.

Level 49: What is the minimum number of cuts to cut a circle into 8 parts? 1; the circle is on paper so it can be folded.

Level 50: To build a class by height, put the tallest on the left and the shortest on the right. The shortest is the guy with the super tall hair.

Level 51: Which one is the shortest? The rat, despite the size of the picture, is the shortest in real life.

Level 52: To help the squirrel get the nut, give the nut to the squirrel using your finger.

Level 53: Something wrong here! Turn 0+0=|0| into d+d=o (musical notation)

Level 54: Who has the longest mustache? Tap on the bug on the left man’s shoulder.

Level 55: Can you get in front of the queue? Wind the clock until it says 1-130pm, then wind it again until it says 2.

Level 56: To find the biggest number, tap on the number that is written in the largest font size. That number is 15.

Level 57: To put the rocket into outer space, simply use your finger to drag the rocket all the way to the top of the screen.

Level 58: To build a cat out of this, move the sticks until they spell the word “CAT“.

Level 59: To help the baby fall asleep, tap the closet to shut the door, then tap the lamp to turn it on in the baby will go to sleep.

Level 60: Can you find the different one? Move all of the lemons out of the way until you find the one with a bite taken out of it. This is the different one.

Level 61: Can you guess the answer? 1000 equals 1 because the answer counts the holes in the original number. 1986 equals four.

Level 62: What is in the hat? Merge the rabbit and pigeon buttons together into one button, then tap it.

Level 63: The lamp is on, but why doesn’t it work? Zoom in on the light to make it bigger, then tap the on button.

Level 64: How can a mouse beat a zebra? Zoom in on the mouse to make it bigger.

Level 65: Who is the heaviest one? The fly, Because it weighs down the scale against the small mouse, who weighs down the scale against the big mouse.

Level 66: To grow a flower, move the cloud out of the way to reveal the sun, then put the puddle of water into the planter.

Level 67: To light the pine, connected the charger to the phone. Or place your phone on a wireless charging pad.

Level 68: To save the princess, just shake the phone and she will fall off of the tower.

Level 69: To guess the number I made, drag the number around and you will see both of the numbers. One is black and one is white. The number is actually 15.

Level 70: To start the clock, rotate your device in a circle over and over until the pendulum swings.

Level 71: Can you spot the differences on the two crabs? The differences are on the claws in on the watermarks. There are 14 of them.

Level 72: Which car is first? Zoom in on the tiny purple car at the top part of the road and then tap it.

Level 73: What happened to the dinosaurs? drag the meteor down on top of the volcano.

Level 74: Who is higher? Zoom in on the balloon to see the bug on it, then tap the bug.

Level 75: Who is the tallest one? Tap the highest star in the picture; that is the tallest one.

Level 76: To rescue the dinosaur, pull the plug out of the drain to drain all the water out.

Level 77: How many hands does the mutant have? Swipe on the mutant to turn it around. It has 11 arms total.

Level 78: To help Newton, place the birds on the tree until one of them stands on the branch, then shake the phone and the bird will drop the apple.

Level 79: To make the equation right, drag 9+2=2 off of the screen until the 9 is hidden and only 2=2 is showing.

Level 80: To help Archimedes fill the bath with water, zoom in on the jar to grow it, then drag it to the math. Then zoom in on the bath to increase the water size.

Level 81: How old is Bob? His birthday is on February 29 which is a leap year day, so multiply 19 by 4. He is 76 years old.

Level 82: To find the missing number, Zoom out on the screen to see the pattern. The missing number is eight.

Level 83: How many birthdays does the average person have? Only one.

Level 84: who ate all of the sweets? Move the boy in the blue shirt to reveal the cat, who ate them all.

Level 85: To summon the genie, swipe left on the lamp over and over and the genie will come out.

Level 86: To find the differences, tap the wild hair coming out of her head, the necklace, and the smiley face on her shirt.

Level 87: What is happening on the island? Drag the spyglass to the island to see the people on it, then tap the people to rescue them.

Level 88: To stop the volcanic eruption, take the cork out of the bottle, zoom in on it until it’s huge, then put it in the volcano.

Level 89: What’s wrong? The man’s arms are crossed in the mirror, but they’re not actually crossed, so tap his chest in the mirror.

Level 90: What’s wrong? The number nine and number 11 are switched on the watch, so switch them back.

Level 91: What number is on the players back? Wipe the mirror over and over and over until it’s completely clean and you can see the number. It’s 33.

Level 92: To help make soup, grab the little dipper out of the sky and drag it down to the cauldron. It will turn into a real spoon. Use it to fill the cauldron with soup.

Next, drag the matches on to the fire in order to light it. Then the soup will be made.

Level 93: To make your child happy, put one watermelon in the thought bubble and the other one in his mouth.

Level 94: To roll more than eight, just keep shaking the phone over and over and re-rolling the dice until you get eight or more.

Level 95: To find the sun, put the ice cube at the very top of the flame. It will melt and put the fire out. The sun will show up in the reflection. If the sun doesn’t show up, hit the restart button and do it over again.

Level 96: To find the differences, swipe down on the picture to reveal a second picture. Tap his mouth, the shine on the aliens head, and the men’s hoodie drawstring.

Level 97: To make the equation correct, drag the 4 over to the right side to make it the square root of 16 equals 4.

Level 98: To help Jack get to the Giants, drag the sun all the way to the top of the screen, then put Jack on top of the bean stock.

Level 99: To make pizza, put all of the ingredients onto the pizza including the pepperoni in the chefs mouth. Then turn the clock forward until it becomes night. Once it does, put the moon on the pizza.

Level 100: Which one is the furthest away from us? The cherry at the bottom of the screen is the farthest from the word “us“ in the question.

Level 101: To find the mandarin among oranges, look for the one that is a slightly different, rounder, less oblong shape. It’s toward the lower right corner of the picture.

Level 102: To make the baby happy, zoom in on the candy to increase its size, then give it to the baby.

Level 103: How do you get there on time? Put the wood and stone in front of the guy to make a train tracks. Put the fire and water together to make steam, then drag them to the tracks to make a train.

Finally, grab the guy and drag him up to the train. He will takeoff on time.

Level 104: To get the ship out of the bottle, shake the phone and tap the bottle over and over, alternating between the tail, until the bottle shatters.

Level 105: To find the mistake, tap on the calendar that says September 31. September 31 is not a real day.

Level 106: To make gold, tap on the alchemist multiple times to tickle him and make him laugh.

Level 107: To make the driver get out of the car, rotate the phone until he gets out and pushes the car. Then tap him.

Level 108: To make a cocktail, zoom in on the glass to increase its size. Then put all of the ingredients inside the glass and shake it.

Level 109: To turn on the TV, drag the O and the N from the paper on to the TV.

Level 110: How do you get to the finish? Turn the left arrow up and the right arrow down and the car will go to the finish.

Level 111: What is wrong? Something is wrong with the coffee pot, so tap on that.

Level 112: To help the truck cross to the other side, rotate your phone 360 degrees counterclockwise to drop the apples out of the truck. Tap the go button and the truck will cross, then drag the apples into the truck bed.

Level 113: Which pineapple is right? The three bottom ones are because they are in the ground, so tap on them at the same time with three fingers.

Level 114: To help Sisyphus, take the stick to the right of the stone and attach it to the bottom to turn the stone into a balloon.

Level 115: What character is the comic book about? Turn your phone 90 degrees to the left and then shake it, and the comic will open. Then tap on the hero.

Level 116: How many apples grow on a Christmas tree? Zero, a Christmas tree doesn’t grow apples.

Level 117: How many leprechauns are in the room? There are a total of 4.

Level 118: To save everyone, drag the helicopters to the people. Then when only the captain is left, drag the red object to the right.

Level 119: Which apple is the different one? Tap all of the apples one after the other, then do it again until the worm pops out.

Level 120: How many apples are in the picture? Shake the phone to get rid of the basket and count all of the apples.

Level 121: To choose a suitable key, drag the word “key” down to the lock on the safe.

Level 122: To awaken the kid, swipe on the kid or on the curtains to open the curtains and let the sunlight in.

Level 123: To find the 6 pandas, tap the 5 hidden pandas (including the one behind the big vine on the right), and the word “panda” in the question.

level 124: To summon the genie again, pull the top off of the lamp, then shake your phone to turn the smoke into a genie.

Level 125: To find the family photo, rotate your phone 360 degrees clockwise, then tap the photo on the cover.

Level 126: To find the differences, tap her purse, the X on the cat’s stomach, and the earring on the girl’s ear.

Level 127: To divide the pizza equally, take the bottom slice of pizza away by dragging it off of the screen, then drag the other three slices to the kids.

Level 128: Can you find 3 words? Look for three words written in light font around the picture. The words are Pond, Part, and Flower. Tap them.

Level 129: Who pulls the rope harder? Pull the rope all the way back and then rotate and shake your phone while still holding it, then tap the other guy that appears.

Level 130: How many floors are in the building? Scroll down with your finger and count all of the floors including the ground floor. There are 11.

Level 131: To solve the equation 1×5=?, tap on the question mark until the answer reads 5.

Level 132: To help the elephant, tap and hold the snake’s tail, then pull the elephant out of the head of the snake.

Level 133: How many apples can you buy for $17? You can buy a total of 18 apples for that money.

Level 134: To throw more than 12, turn the phone upside down, then shake it until it rolls more than 12 using the three dice.

After this, the levels reset to old levels. Stay tuned though, as we’ll add all of the new levels as they become available for TrickyBricky!

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