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WITH – Whale In the High: Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

WITH – Whale In the High is a unique new mobile game for the iOS and Android platforms. This game is an idle game with a focus on mindfulness, and you can interact with a great flying well, decorate it, raise Wizzes and get pets for them, talk to your creatures, and customize almost every facet of your island. You can collect gold, hearts, gems, clam shells, and more.

Read on for a collection of tips and cheats for WITH – Whale In the High!

Your main goal in this game is to do two things. The first thing is to upgrade the level of your well, and the second thing is to unlock as many hideouts as possible. Yes, there are many other side activities and side quests, and you can just relax and chill all you want, but if you are the goal oriented type, these are your aims.

In order to level up the whale, you have to upgrade it using lifewater, which can be earned by completing various tasks, and the tasks are listed in a menu on the right side of the screen, inside of an icon that looks like a clipboard. Some of these tasks are very straightforward, but some of them take a little bit of extra time to complete.

For example, if you are asked to do multiple picture missions, then after doing the first one, you just have to wait for a little bit of time in order for the second one to become available. Ditto with the nursery; the nursery grows baby wizzes into adults, and it simply takes time, so wait for the bubble to pop up indicating that a new adult Wiz is ready.

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If you’re impatient you can try to speed this along, as well as to speed up your offline income, by setting the time ahead on your phone. However, there is no guarantee that this will work, and even if it does, it could mess other aspects of the game up.

There are tons of decorations available in this game, many of which cost gems, and even though gems are the premium currency of the game, you can earn them for free, three times a day. Be sure to open boxes in order to earn decorations as well, although try to always leave one key so that you have a box to open when the game asks you to do it for a quest.

Try to always log into the game at least once a day, even if you don’t plan to play that day, so that you can collect rewards and offline income. if you miss a day, then the reward streak will reset, but there is no minimum amount of playing time that you have to spend per day.