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Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom – Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom is a unique new MMO strategy game for the iOS and Android platforms. You play as the leader of your own den of wolves, and your goal is to strengthen and harden your home, gather resources such as meat, water, and gems, train wolves and coyotes to fight for the den, and build and explore with the help of the monkeys and eagles. You can fight against other players and against computer-controlled packs of predators, explore and gather resources from outside sources around the world, and try to become the most dominant Wolfpack on your server.

Read on for a list of tips and tricks for Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom!

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Once you make it through the tutorial, you will be free to do as you wish, but it’s a good idea to continue following the quests, so that you can advance your knowledge and experience within the game. The chapter quests, in particular, will advance the game forward, and as you unlock new chapters, you will open new game modes, such as campaigns and raising wolf pups at home.

There are many different areas in your territory, including the storage cave. The storage cave is extremely important, because you have a specific number of meat, water, stones, and other resources that are protected by it. That means that when your shield expires in you are attacked by another player, they cannot get to a specific number of your resources, depending on the storage cave level.

For that reason, even though you will frequently be able to claim rewards for different quests and missions, as well as collect resource packs, don’t claim resources or use resource packs until the moment that you need them. The larger that your stash of resources is, the more resources that can be stolen by players that attack you.

There are two different ways to level up your head wolves, one of them is to battle against other animals, especially the hyenas that you find out in the wild. The other is to use the experience Stele to level them up rapidly. If the game warns you about losing excess experience, though, they don’t waste them.

Wolf shards are a valuable resource that allows you to unlock new wolves, as well as two evolve your current wolves and increase their stats. Each wolf can evolve up to six times, and using evolution, you’re more common wolves can sometimes become even more powerful then your rare ones.

Be sure to always have some kind of construction going on. Construction happens very quickly in this game, unlike in other MMORTS games, so you can upgrade your base extremely quickly. You will be able to get more resources, defend your base better, and add higher numbers of wolves and coyotes, as well as different species to your pack.

Attacking and defending is a numbers game, just like in most games of this type of drama so always be trading new wolves and coyotes at your wolf den, and as you’re able to, unlock more wolf dens so that you can multiply the amount that you train. When you unlock the tree of knowledge, be sure to have research going constantly so that you can unlock new types of wolves and coyotes.

Whenever you see a red dot next to something on your home screen, that means that you can collect a reward. This dot may or may not have a number inside of it; if there is a number inside of it, and that means you have multiple things to collect. Often, free gems can be one of the prizes, and the gyms are the premium currency of the game, making this a valuable prize.

Stagger your collection of VIP rewards, especially if you are trying to get shards of a specific wolf. When you collect the shard, it will become unavailable for a while, but if you go back later, it will typically become available again.