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Zap Zombies – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Zap Zombies is a new clicker-style RPG for the iPhone and iPad. Each tap that you make on the screen equals a shot from your hero to the horde of zombies closing in, and as you kill zombies you earn enzyme, with which you can then upgrade your survivors to kill even tougher and stronger zombies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Zap Zombies!

Upgrade both your survivor and the other four unlockable ones. All of the unlockable ones will earn essence for you by killing the zombies that are coming for you. You can even stop attacking and put the phone down at any time that you want to, because the survivors will kill the zombies endlessly. Even when they reach you, all they do is shake the barriers; they won’t damage you or your team.

Not only should you upgrade your survivors themselves, but once you hit level 10, you’ll unlock the gold mine, where you can earn gold. Gold allows you to buy upgrades that affect all of your survivors at once. The most important of these is Zombology, as it improves your characters’ attack power permanently. Upgrade that as often as possible, and make it your first priority.

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Upgrade the mine to earn more gold from it. You can go to the mine whenever you want and tap that instead of tapping zombies, and each tap will earn you gold. The best way to earn a ton of gold though (since it doesn’t earn gold when you are offline) is to leave your phone open, make sure your screen is set not to go to sleep or idle, then go spend all of that gold you rack up.

Crystals are the premium currency of the game. Tap on the little flying jack-o-lanterns for a chance to earn free crystals (or other goodies such as more gold and more enzymes). Hit the far right menu in the bottom bar to see all of the achievements too (under the trophy menu) and claim what you’ve unlocked, as this is a big and quick source of crystals.

If you lose to one of the boss characters, you’ll switch into infinite battle mode for awhile. Start tapping and shooting again, and after a small amount of time, the battle against the boss will start again. When having trouble with a boss, save all of your characters’ special attacks and then use them against the tough boss.