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Alphabear – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Alphabear is a new puzzle game by Spry Fox, best known as the company behind the hit Triple Town. In this game, your goal is to make words using the letters that are given, and to finish out the stage with the most points and the biggest bears that you can make. Read on for some tips and tricks for Alphabear!

Keep an eye on the color of each letter, as well as the number that’s within the letter box. The number signifies how many turns you have left before that letter turns to stone. The color signifies the same thing. Green, and the letter is safe. Yellow, and it’s cutting it close. Red, and you have one more turn until said letter turns to stone. Once it turns to stone it gets in the way of making your bear bigger, and you can’t remove it.

Make the biggest words that you can. You want to make bigger words so that you can get rid of letters as quickly as possible. Plus, you will earn more points if you make a bigger word, and your bear will grow bigger, more quickly. Even if you have to use letters that still have awhile to go before they turn red, still make the biggest word that you can.

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Each level that you play has a different goal, so pay attention to what the goal is before you start the level. If you don’t meet the goal you won’t beat the level, but if you do, you will beat the level and the next level will open up for you, unless it’s one of those timed release levels that you have to wait awhile to open.

Each level will present a whole new batch of challenges, such as letters in odd locations, or more bears to start with that you have to merge together. Generally, though, the mix of letters will have the same sort of randomness as the earlier levels, so you will be able to make words and play through with the same sort of efficiency, except you will have to do it a little bit more quickly than before in order to keep ahead of the letter countdowns.

Honey and coins are two things that you can collect in this game. You need honey to play each stage, and you need coins to buy honey, as well as other boosts. To get more of either one, go to the respective IAP store for each one and pick the top option, which lets you watch an advertisement video in exchange for free honey or coins.