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Amazing Little Birds iPhone and Android game guide: Tips, tricks, cheats, strategies and free coins

Amazing Little Birds is a “tap 3 to clear the board” kind of game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, as well as for the Android platform and iPad. The object of the game is simple – when three or more birds of the same color (more, preferrably) are next to each other, tap that cluster of birds and they will disappear, more birds will appear, and you will earn points. Battle it out against your friends, use coins to buy power ups, and see if you can get the highest score.

If you want to get a whole bunch of free coins, first, when you turn the app on, hit the “start” button. Then, on the next screen where you select your power ups, in the lower right corner tap on the button that says “invite friends for free coins”. You will be prompted to email or text message a friend for 10,000 free coins each time you do it. They don’t need to accept, you only need to invite, so you can theoretically send invites to yourself or to fake email addresses all day if you wanted to, and you would still get the 10,000 coins each.

When you are playing the game itself, start tapping out combos from top to bottom or from side to side, so that you can get a good mental map going of where you are going to tap next. Also, try to get as many good taps in a row as you can. The more bird-clearing taps in a row that you have, the more power ups you get to appear, such as the rainbow bird or the lightning bird. Of course, hit them as SOON as they pop up, especially the rainbow bird, because usually when you hit the rainbow bird your screen will be LOADED with potential combinations.

Also, if you hit enough combinations quickly enough, without screwing up a tap, you’ll enable flame mode, which will surround the entire play area with fire and blow up extra birds every time you hit a combo. Use this to your full advantage to rack up massive scores in Amazing Little Birds.