Angry Birds Transformers – How to get more coins and free gems

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Angry Birds Transformers is a new side scrolling action game in the ever famous Angry Birds franchise. You play as bird versions of your favorite autobots such as Optimus Prime and you’re goal is to destroy the pig Decepticons from level to level. there are two different forms of currency in this game. Coins are the main form of currency, while gems are the more valuable premium one. Read on to find out how to get more of both in Angry Birds Transformers!

The active way to get more coins is simply by playing as many levels as you can. There is no limit to how much energy or how many times you can play within a set amount of time. Take the offer to watch the video at the end of every level to double your reward and you will improve very very quickly.

Whenever you be a stage, it will start earning coins for you automatically until the decepticons take it back. Log on to collect your coins as often as possible because this is one of the most lucrative ways to do so. The more stages that you have cleared and the more frequently you log on so that you can collect before the decepticons get to your clear levels, the better.

Look around the overworld map for random treasure boxes to pop up. When you tap it open one of these random treasure boxes, you will earn gems for doing so. They don’t turn you much but over time they can add up very quickly in a while you to buy some good bonuses for free.

Another way of earning gems is to complete the various achievements throughout the game. Find what these achievements are by going to the button that looks like a trophy on the overworld menu, and tapping it. You can collect the rewards from the achievements that you have already completed, and for the ones that you have not yet completed you can see it what the requirements are in order to complete it.

The social aspect of this game also earns you coins and gems as a bonus. Log onto Facebook and if you have any friends playing this game, you can earn coins and gems from their activity and they can earn from your activity. If you don’t have any friends who play the game and go to Facebook fan pages for the game, to the comment section on this article, or to the app store review page to look for people who you can add on Facebook.

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