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Avengers Alliance (iOS) Get free Gold, Command Points and SHIELD Points

In Avengers Alliance for the iPhone, just like in Marvel: Avengers Alliance for Facebook, there are three types of premium currency: Gold, Command Points and SHIELD Points. Gold is used to buy the most premium weapons and moves in the game, while SHIELD points are used to train your character and/or upgrade weapons. Command Points are used to recruit all new heroes into your crew. Read on to find out how to get all three of them for free!

There are a few ways to get free gold. Leveling up your agent is one way to earn free gold. Completing quests and earning stars can also earn you some free gold. In addition, if you log into Facebook and Game Center through the game, you can also earn some free gold.

Earn free SHIELD points by loading up on the amount of allies that you have in the game. You can add a number of randoms every 24 hours, but most of the time they will not respond back. Your best bet is to find more in GC and Facebook (a good place to look is the comments page of the App Store, or you can post here in the comments if you want to find more of them). Add people and respond to those who add you, and send people SHIELD points, which will prompt them to send them back to you. Farming your allies (and letting them farm you) can earn you massive amounts of SHIELD points.

Earn free Command Points by beating bosses and earning stars. When you do these, you’ll get a boss reward or a star reward, and the roulette gives you a shot at earning either 1, 5, or 20 command points, all of which tend to not pop up that often. In addition, get a critical hit in battle and you have a chance at earning a free command poitn drop. Katanas are great weapons for this, as is Black Widow’s gun attack, or any multi hit attack.

You can farm the bosses by doing the following farming technique for free command points. Beat a boss, get a reward, then instead of hitting “exit”, go to the flight deck, then go to the “missions” screen (NOT the “resume” screen) and abort the mission, and start it over again. Now complete the mission again from the beginning and get the reward. Do this especially when you have 0 or 1 star for a mission, as that is when the boss will be easiest to beat.