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Ayakashi Ghost Guild for iOS and Android: How to get uncommon, rare and super rare ghosts as Daemons

Ayakashi Ghost Guild is the new card battling game from Zynga, which has you as a ghost agent using your crew of ghosts and phantoms to investigate strange goings-on around the city of Tokyo as well as other areas. In this game, there are many different rarities of ghosts, starting with the common one star ghosts, and going all the way up to two, three, four and five star rarities, with the rarer ghosts being more powerful but harder to find and to catch. Read on for some tips and tricks on how to get the rarer ghosts in the game!

When you are doing investigations, oftentimes you will do battle with a ghost. When you beat the ghost you will be able to negotiate with it, which will give you a shot at recruiting the ghost as one of your Daemons. Sometimes, during rare circumstances, you will be able to negotiate with a rare ghost. These are less likely to join your party after a negotiation, so if you have cabal chains left, this situation is a good time to use them.

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If a ghost can transmigrate, then you can use transmigration to turn a ghost from common to rare. Each transmigration adds one star to the rarity level of a ghost, and each transmigrable ghost has three forms. For example, a two star ghost in base form will become a three star ghost in its enhanced form, and then a four star ghost in its ultimate form.

Being as this is a Zynga game, there are all kinds of limited time events going on at almost all times. The more that you participate in these events and the higher you rank, the better your chances of earning rare ghosts as prizes. This is one of the best ways to earn limited edition ghosts as Daemons.

Completing any set of six sealstones will allow you to unlock the ghost inside and make them your daemon. In addition, if you earn enough silver apples, you can trade them for rare ghosts in the Barter tab in the Menu. And finally, once you earn special summon tickets you will be able to execute special summons which can earn you rare ghosts.