Band Stars – Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 2: More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

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You can use more different band members in each of your songs as you move up the charts. Hit the global charts and you can use six band members at a time. Hit the national charts and you can use five band members at a time. The only way to move up to the next set of charts is to have the number one song in your current set of charts.

Doing that in the local charts is easy; essentially, all you have to do is have every band member do a solo in the same song, and have a perfect music-and-lyrics match. To do the same thing in the national chart, you’ll have to have myriad instrument upgrades and skill upgrades for your musicians (or simply hire better musicians). Then do the exact same thing with the solos and matching the lyrics and music perfectally.

Complete challenges as quickly as possible in order to earn as many energy drinks as you can. If you run out of challenges for all of your band members, start hiring new ones as each new one will have its own set of challenges that come with it. Plus, every time that you complete a set of challenges for one character, you will earn an energy drink bonus.

To get the highest solo scores possible, keep your solo bar in the green at all times. When it goes into the blue your solo will stop earning bonus points. However, when it goes into the red, your solo’s time bar will drop much more quickly, which will drop both your standard solo score and your potential bonus score. Upgrade your solos in the store to further increase your score output.

Another reason to record as many songs as possible is to give yourself the highest possible chance of going viral. You’re more likely to be offered the chance to go viral on a song that you performed plenty of solos in, so gather inspirado from playing solo jams first. Make sure you have at least three energy drinks saved up for the opportunity to go viral.

Also, make sure you have loads of coins saved up for when you want to recruit more skilled band members. You can spend all the money on auditions if you want, but if you don’t have the coin for hiring, that’s wasted money. And make sure that you have enough energy drinks to open up the next VIP lounge floor, or be ready to dismiss band members as needed.