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Bastards of Hell – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Bastards of Hell is a new MMORTS for the iOS platform based off of an older, identical game for browsers. Your goal is to form an outlaw motorcycle club, build it up and add members, come up with new ways to make money and get weapons, and then go out and battle other motorcycle clubs for dominance, and band together with other MCs to form a gang. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bastards of Hell!

To start off, your goal should be to find ways to make a much money as possible, because the more money you have, the more bikers it’s possible to hire. In the tutorial you’ll build everything that you need to make your club run and to make the money come; all you’ll need to do is upgrade it. Money is earned automatically, so simply keep upgrading your bar, strip club, casino, and other cash-earners. The exception is the factory, which earns you weapons parts instead of cash.

However, that will also help you to earn money, because once you have enough weapon parts, the gunmaker who you’ve contracted will make you a weapon, which you can then sell for a heaping load of cash.

Now, with that money, go to the units area. Your first three units are your biker units. Read their stats to see what their blend of attack, defense and health is, then start training massive amounts of them. The more of them that you train, the stronger your gang will be – this game is, after all, primarily a numbers game.

Never try to spend your coins on speeding up a job, whether it be a building contract or trying to hire new units. For fighting purposes, hire the three units, and for the purposes of carrying cargo, hire vehicles (which can be used anywhere that you want as long as it is within the same city). Hire lawyers for legal defense and hire more debt collectors to extort more protection money from other players’ neighborhoods.

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Increase the respect level as often as possible, because that’s how you unlock more cities in Bastards of Hell. Set up a push notification for when respect has completed, so that you can go back to the game and increase it again. The faster you increase it, the more actions you can do and the more things that you can unlock.