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Bloody Bastards: Walkthrough, Cheats, Hints, and Strategy Guide

Bloody Bastards is a new physics-based fighting game for the iOS and Android platforms. You control your weapon with your right finger and your shield with your left finger, and your goal is to simply beat up the other guy. You have an almost endless variety of weapons and armor that you can use that come in handy against tougher opponents.

You start off in the British Isles, and you can make your way to other lands as you fight your way through the very best. There is, of course, lots of blood in this game, as hinted out by the title.

Read on for tips, tricks, cheats, and a walkthrough for Bloody Bastards!

Technically, you have one side of the screen to control your shield and the other side to control your weapon, but there are many different things that you can do with both. Try different offensive movements early on, especially. Try swiping from left to right, up-and-down in a half circle shape, left to right in a half circle shape, in circles, and many different more types of movements to test out all of your different attacks.

As you make your way through a bunch of different levels, you will unlock a bunch of different types of equipment. Before you purchase anything, though, be sure to check the effect on your stats. Some weapons have more of an effect for less coins, and some weapons have more of an effect for less coins. Same with armor and various different types of clothing.

It is possible to equip weapons in both of your hands instead of having a shield in one hand. Simply go to the weapons store, select a weapon, and then select the hand that your shield was in originally. Your defense will decrease, but your offense will increase.

To change the region that you’re fighting in, when you are in the store, tap on the shield icon in the top right corner of the screen. You will be able to select from the British Isles, the Holy Roman Empire, or Tsarist Rus. When you pick a new region, though, you will have to start over from the very beginning, but you can always go back to your previous region and pick up where you left off.

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At any time, you can also enable zombie mode, which is a cosmetic modification that changes everybody in the game into a zombie. Simply tap on the zombie head icon in the lower left corner of the screen, or go to the settings menu to enable it. This doesn’t change the gameplay, just the appearance.

You can also enable snow mode by going to the settings menu. Other, more traditional options, such as turning the music and sound effects often on, and changing the control scheme, are also in this same menu.

To increase the rate at which you earn coins so that you can buy new equipment faster, be sure to double your income after each bottle by watching the advertisement video offer. The video lasts about 30 seconds, so while this is a lot of ads, all of the videos put together will add up in a big way.

You can also go back to levels that you have previously gotten less than three stars on, and try for the three star score. If you improve your score, you will earn a reward; however, if you get the same score or a worse score, you won’t earn any coins from that level.


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